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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

icon-betaTo create a PRTG in the cloud instance, open your web browser (Google Chrome 59 or later (recommended)) and go to This is the PRTG in the cloud web portal.

Start Free Trial NowStart Free Trial Now

Enter a domain name of your choice, such as myfirstdomain . The domain name can be anywhere from 4 and 60 characters long and is where you can reach your PRTG in the cloud instance with your browser later. So if you enter myfirstdomain as the domain name here, your PRTG in the cloud instance will be reachable under . Click Start Free Trial Now to continue.

PRTG in the Cloud SignupPRTG in the Cloud Signup

You can sign up with your Google+, Facebook, Windows, or Amazon account via single sign-on (Auth0). This account will then always be automatically used for login and will be connected to your PRTG in the cloud account. Just click the respective button and follow the instructions there.

Alternatively, you can sign up via email by entering a valid Email address, a Password , and confirming it with Confirm Password . The password must meet the following requirements:

  • at least 8 characters long
  • at least one uppercase letter
  • at least one lowercase letter
  • at least one numeral

Click Sign Up to register for your PRTG in the cloud instance. PRTG then notifies you that a verification email has been sent to your inbox.

Verify Email Address NotificationVerify Email Address Notification

Go to your inbox and open the email.

Verify Email AddressVerify Email Address

Click Verify Email Address to verify your email address and go to the login screen.

Login ScreenLogin Screen

Enter your credentials and click Login to log in to PRTG in the cloud.

While we prepare your subscription, a welcome video plays that introduces the basics of network monitoring with PRTG in the cloud.

Your PRTG is ReadyYour PRTG is Ready

When your subscription is ready, click the URL with your domain to open the Ajax web interface.


Congratulations, your PRTG in the cloud instance is up and running! To open the device tree, click View Results or Devices in the main menu bar.

PRTG in the cloud has automatically created a Cloud Probe that runs on the cloud instance. It shows several health values of the instance and you can instantly monitor all servers, services, and devices that are publicly available via the internet with this probe. See also section Architecture and User Interfaces—Probe(s) .

A Paessler employee will guide you through the Smart Setup. In particular, you will install a remote probe, which is required for monitoring your LAN. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions for best monitoring experience!


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