The Paessler support team has recorded some videos to help you start monitor your network with PRTG. The topics cover installation and auto-discovery, setting up notifications, and background information on using remote probes in distributed networks. Lean back a few minutes and enjoy!

Regular Webinars ''Working with PRTG Network Monitor'': Technical Insights

Our technical support team would like to invite you to join one of our technical oriented webinars.

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Paessler on PRTG

PRTG - This is how we do it

Paessler's CEO Dirk Paessler wants to share his excitement for PRTG with its users. Watch the following video to find out how the developers behind PRTG work to get across their passion, and what they do with user feedback!

View video (1:41 min)

Latest Videos

PRTG - SNMP Trap Receiver

Watch our short video of how to set up a SNMP Trap Receiver sensor in PRTG and learn how easy it is to keep an eye on network and bandwidth usage via SNMP.

View video (10:07 min)

PRTG - Syslog Receiver

Your network components can send a lot of Syslog messages every day. Learn in our video how to create and configure a Syslog Receiver sensor in PRTG and see how easily you can manage and filter these messages.

View video (9:09 min)

PRTG - Ticketing System

Have a look at our new ticketing system inside PRTG and find out how to manage and maintain information about issues and tasks which appear while monitoring your network. You will save time and nerves!

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PRTG - Creating Maps

In our new video we demonstrate how to set up
a map within PRTG by using icons that represent the different devices, groups and sensors in your network and its connections. In the end you'll have a great overview about the components' status in your network on one slide!

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App Videos

PRTG for iOS - Tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with our PRTG for iOS app. So you can even monitor your network when you're on the go! 

View video (3:08 min)

PRTG for Windows Phone - Tutorial

Watch our short tutorial to use PRTG also with your Windows Phone. You'll learn how to monitor your network even when you're on the go! 

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PRTG for Android - Tutorial

Want to monitor your network on the go with your Android phone? No problem! Have a look at our short tutorial that shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with our PRTG for Android app. 

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PRTG Network Monitor:
Your Personal IT Watchdog!

Are you wondering, what a good watchdog can do for your IT infrastructure? Our video will tell you.

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PRTG Basics

PRTG - Quick Overview

See how PRTG looks like and learn how it works. Good for a first impression of PRTG. Helps also for a quick start if you're a new user.

View video (07:27 min)


This tutorial is an introduction on how to install PRTG Network Monitor.

View video (1:38 min)

How to Configure Lookups in PRTG

This video tutorial explains in detail how to configure your own lookup files.

View Video (13:37 min)

PRTG - Server Administrator

In the PRTG Server Administrator program you can define different system settings for your PRTG core installation, e.g. restart services, and view log information.

View video (4:45 min)

PRTG Probe Administrator

In the PRTG Probe Administrator program you can define different system settings of your PRTG probe installation, e.g. configure remote probe connections, restart services, and view log information.

View video (3:01 min)

PRTG - Autoupdate

See how to make an administrator's life easy using the automatic update function built into PRTG.

View video (3:00 min)

Configuration Guru

The Configuration Guru guides you through the configuration process of PRTG. This video tutorial shows how to use the Guru and explains the different steps of the configuration.

View video (4:55 min)

Notifications and Trigger

This tutorial describes PRTG's notifications and how those can be used to make the administration of your network easier.

View video (5:33 min)

Core Server and Remote Probes

This animation video describes how PRTG monitors your local network as well as remote networks using different types of probes.

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Video Tutorials Made by PRTG-Users

Some committed PRTG users have created video tutorials to help other users start with PRTG, explaining their custom-made PRTG add-ons, but also to describe and solve complex technical tasks.

Gerard Feijth

Gerard has been accompanying us for a long time – on his own webpage he offers quite a few custom-made PRTG tools and extensions for download. His video tutorials address advanced users providing assistance for Gerard’s tools, as well as with creating own add-ons and tools for PRTG.

Sensor Overview

This video tutorial introduces Gerard’s tray notifier tool for PRTG that is available among his PRTG add-ons:

View video (1:09 min)

Custom Sensor

How to integrate a custom EXE / script sensor into PRTG using Gerard’s tray notifier tool introduced in the “Sensor Overview” video.

view video (4:36 min)

Ping as Master

How to define a ping sensor as master, allowing to avoid redundant notifications. If you have not defined a ping sensor as master for your devices, it might happen that in case of a failure all sensors for this device trigger an alarm.

View video (1:28 min)

SNMP Sensor 1 and 2

How to setup a SNMP Library sensor for a USV (part 1) or a PDU (part 2). An example for setting up a device sensor based on a MIB – the sensors described in this video can also be set up easier using the PRTG auto-discovery.

View video 1 (2:48 min)

View video 2 (3:25 min)


„Just another techie, pulling things apart to find out how they work :)” – that’s what Roggy writes at his blog ( Roggy addresses real networking experts in his videos. He describes complex tasks which he solves with his extraordinary know-how and PRTG.

Sniffing using vSphere and PRTG Redux

How to monitor VoIP traffic in a virtualized environment (vSphere) using PRTG’s packet sniffing sensors and virtual NICs - interesting for advanced technicians. (2 parts, 40 minutes)

View videos (40:00 min)

Using Vyatta (OpenVPN Client Specific Subnets) and PRTG to monitor Customers

Interesting for service providers: How an MSP can gain full access on a PRTG server that runs in a customer’s network to monitor the customer’s network remotely. (2 parts, 80 minutes)

View videos (80:00 min)

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