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PRTG monitors your network 24/7 to timely alert you to issues before they become emergencies.

150,000 sysadmins -- at organizations from small businesses through the Fortune 100 -- have used PRTG Network Monitor to make their networks faster, more responsive, and more reliable. PRTG fits into any budget and can grow with your needs. It will be the last network monitoring software you'll ever buy.

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PRTG Now Supports Push Notifications
for Windows Phone

One of the most-requested features we get for our mobile clients is push notifications for Windows Phone. It took us a little longer to roll that out than it did for our other platforms, but we're happy to announce that as of PRTG for Windows Phone 15.1.1, if you're connecting to a PRTG 14.x.13 or higher server and using Windows Phone 8.1, you ...

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Press Releases

Paessler Reports 40% U.S. Sales Growth for 2014, Led by Massive Increase in Channel Sales

Austin, Texas and Nuremberg, Germany, February 17, 2015 - Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring solutions specialist, today announced its preliminary financial results for 2014, reporting substantial revenue increases both globally and in the United States, which continues to be the largest market for PRTG Network Monitor. ...

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Monitoring Stories

Read our Monitoring Stories to get some inspiration in what ways you could use PRTG.

There is far more to network monitoring than you might think. Learn about the monitoring facets of PRTG, about all the possibilities you have with our PRTG freeware or how PRTG offers solutions even for specific industries such as healthcare or the educational sector.

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Technology Partners

Paessler provides customers with easy-to-use, comprehensive and powerful network monitoring software. To ensure best performance, compatibility and reliability we work with leading technology providers.

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Trusted By Experts, Including 150,000 Sysadmins and the Press, Too

In recent months and years PRTG Network Monitor was put under the microscope quite a few times. Both, national as well as international testers had a close look at the innovations that came with the latest versions and shared their insights.

The lesson is clear: PRTG stands out due to its excellent usability, a very good price-performance ratio and continually added new features and functions.

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Ensure Your Network's Performance and Availability

Ensure System Uptime With Network Monitoring Software

With network monitoring software you can not only detect a system failure when it happens - continuous monitoring of your network enables you to discover problems long before they get serious and to take measures proactively. This makes the network monitoring software PRTG Network Monitor so important
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Optimize Your Network Bandwidth

With PRTG you will have access to bandwidth and network usage data that will help improve the performance and efficiency of your network. Understanding bandwidth and resource consumption is the key to better network performance management.

You can avoid bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks, plan upgrades of your infrastructure strategically, and deliver improved quality of service to your users.
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Create The Perfect Web Experience With Load Testing

Using web server load testing software like Webserver Stress Tool is important for any web infrastructure. Load testing during development and deployment ensures that potential problems in your website can be dealt with before they bring down your web resources. Webserver Stress Tool ensures that you are getting everything out of the investment in your webserver technology through in-depth testing and analysis.
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Avoid The Economic Impact of System Downtimes

In today's corporate world, success depends on reliable networks. As computer technology becomes more integrated with business, system outages can seriously impact the bottom line. With uptime monitoring, website monitoring and usage monitoring software from Paessler, you can optimize, control and manage your network performance challenges without spending a fortune!

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