Building state monitoring is very versatile.
And so is Paessler Building Monitor

Paessler Building Monitor is a Software as a Service and fully managed and operated by Paessler.

With the most common use cases, we already support building managers and owners in damage prevention,
in realizing rescource savings and costs, in optimising energy consumption and much more.


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Check out our growing list of use cases:


Air quality

Our sensors monitor temperature, humidity, and VOC values (the evaporation of volatile organic compounds) – essentially, all values that influence indoor air quality and comfort.



Smoke detectors

Effective monitoring of your smoke detectors: Ensure that all smoke detectors are working, have not been manually removed by the property users, and comply with standards.

Water ingress

Water leaks that are detected as early as possible cause less damage and cost less to repair. Our solution monitors flat roofs effectively and of course all main water lines.


Monitoring hot water circulation minimizes the risk of legionella. The hot water must never drop below 45° and supply and return temperatures must be monitored continuously.

Gas detector

A gas leak can quickly be life-threatening. Our solution monitors for the presence of methane and butane according to configured limit or important DIN-certified standard values.

Heating control

Monitoring the heating circuit can ensure the long-term functionality of the heating system and equipment, and also save energy and money by adjusting the temperature.

Indoor climate

Optimize health and reduce heating costs: Our sensors collect temperature and humidity data so that the indoor climate can be improved through ventilation and heating regulation.


Keep track of all the people entering or leaving your buildings: Knowing the number of visitors helps you with various building optimizations, such as the weekly cleaning work.

Water consumption

Smart metering enables quick readings at any time and billing transparent operating costs – together with a concrete and realizable optimization of water consumption.


Lighting monitoring detects deviations and can control light sources. Among other things, this increases the safety of building users in dark areas such as basements and stairwells.

Access roads

With permanent remote monitoring of the fire department access, the safety of the building's users is increased by ensuring constant access for fire and rescue vehicles.

Risk of infection

Not only relevant in corona times: CO₂ monitoring and recommending ventilation when above 500 ppm reduces infection risks, even with classic cold and flu viruses.


Undetected mold poses health risks: Mold growth can be counteracted by continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity as well as by adapted ventilation behavior.

Parking lot

Finding a free parking space should not be a matter of luck: sensors make parking space availability visible at all times and enable efficient monitoring of e-charging spaces.




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