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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

The uninstall process has six steps—regardless of if you are uninstalling an entire PRTG Network Monitor installation, a single Enterprise Console installation, or a PRTG Remote Probe installation. Use the Windows uninstall routines to remove the PRTG software from your system.

Step 1

From the Windows Start Menu, select the Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor icon, the Uninstall PRTG Enterprise Console icon, or the Uninstall PRTG Remote Probe icon, or open your Windows Control Panel and choose the respective entry in the Programs section. Depending on the installed products, not all uninstall programs are available.

Start Menu IconsStart Menu Icons

Step 2

If asked, confirm the question of the Windows User Account Control with Yes to allow the program to uninstall. The usual software uninstall wizard will guide you through the uninstall process.

Step 3

Confirm the removal of the software by clicking the Yes button.

Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 1Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 1

Step 4

Wait while the software is being removed.

Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 2Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 2

Step 5

Confirm a system restart by clicking the Yes button.

Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 3Uninstall PRTG Network Monitor Step 3

Step 6

After system restart, the software is removed. However, there are still custom data left in the PRTG program folder. If you have uninstalled an entire PRTG Network Monitor installation or a remote probe installation, your monitoring data is still stored on the system. To completely remove all PRTG data, delete the PRTG Network Monitor program folder as well as the Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor folder in your data path. For more information on where the data is stored see the Data Storage section.


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