Support Ticket

Transcript - How to Open a Support Ticket


Do you have a question about PRTG that you need help with? In this video, I'm going to show you the different ways you can contact our technical support team to get the help you need. You'll get an automatic reply that we've received your email, so you know it has arrived. And our goal is to answer all questions with a well-qualified answer within one business day.

If you think screenshots or log files will be useful to us, then the easiest way to create and send these is to contact us from inside the PRTG software.

If you look under the Setup Menu, you'll see an option called "Contact Support". And, in commercial versions of the software, if you look at the ribbon at the bottom of each page, you'll also find a tab here to "Contact Support"

Either of these options opens the exact same page, namely this one. If you've already been in contact with support and already have a ticket number, please enter your ticket number here, so we can associate this message with the existing case. The ticket numbers start with the letters PAE and then a number.

If you leave this field empty, we'll create a new ticket when you submit the form.

Then enter your email address, so we know where to send the answer. You can enter any email address you'd like. However, we recommend entering the address that's associated with your PRTG account, so we can associate this question with your license.

Please then give us an idea of what type of question or feedback you have, in one of these categories.

We've included some links to common questions here, so you might be able to find the answer to your question quickly in these articles. Obviously it depends on exactly what your question is, but if you're lucky you might find the answer immediately, so you don't need to wait for an answer from support.

If you'd like, you can also give us an indication of how you're feeling, to help us interpret the tone in your message.

Then, please describe the topic in one sentence. This will appear as the subject line in the message that support receives.

And then please enter a longer description of your question or problem here.

In the next section, you can attach screenshots and/or a support bundle, which are very helpful to our support team. If a screenshot would help explain your question, then please attach one. This form will send a screenshot of the page you were on when you opened the form, so you might need to switch to a different page before submitting this form.

Then, please send us a support bundle, which is a collection of log files and status files from different components of PRTG. The first option, the Base Pack sends only the log files, while the second option sends both the base pack and the configuration files.

The base pack includes the system status, a list of sensors and their current state, a list of error and unknown sensors, the state of the core health sensor, the state of the probe health sensor, the most recent log entries, and the log files.

We recommend sending only the base pack initially. And, if the support team needs the configuration files, then they'll request another bundle that includes the configuration.

If you're concerned about sending configuration files because they include passwords for your infrastructure, please don't worry: all passwords that are encrypted in the configuration file, and all passwords that are masked as you enter them into PRTG are removed from the configuration file before the support bundle is sent.

Please also note that the entire support bundle are transferred to us using HTTPS. So nobody can read your logs or configuration in transit.

And, once everything is filled out, just click submit to send the form to Paessler.

There is one more method to contact support, and that's on our homepage, under Support / Support Ticket. This will send a message to our sales team, who will then forward it internally to the right group.

All of these contact methods, email, the support bundle form, or the website form, land in the same queue, so none of them have priority over the others. Sending a support bundle has the advantage that you can send screenshots and logs easily, if they're relevant to your question. But you can decide which method is the best in your case. So, that brings me to the end of this video. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime. You know lots of ways to do this now! Thanks, and goodbye!