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Monitoring for all use cases

IT has many different areas, each with their own monitoring requirements: network, infrastructure, hardware, and applications are just a few examples.

PRTG has everything you need to monitor all areas of your IT.

Find out how PRTG helps you monitor various parts of your IT infrastructure.


Free Download

Unlimited use of PRTG for 30 days. After 30 days PRTG reverts to the freeware edition.
You can upgrade to a paid license at any time.


Packet Loss Test

  • Test packet loss with PRTG and find the cause of low performance
  • Enjoy a more stable and higher performance network
  • Prompt alerts allow you to fix problems quickly
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POP3 monitoring

  • Ensure emails are sent – and retrieved – properly
  • Monitor server and mailbox response times
  • Special sensors for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
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Yamaha monitoring

  • PRTG automatically scans your network for Yamaha components
  • PRTG provides reliable monitoring of Yamaha routers and switches
  • PRTG uses SNMP sensors to identify anomalies in Yamaha...
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Workstation monitoring

  • Ping sensor for monitoring availability
  • Monitor the essential components of workstations
  • Special SNMP sensors for monitoring in greater detail
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Monitoring OPC UA

  • OPC UA monitoring keeps track of your general server and...
  • Identifies errors at an early stage during the...
  • Alarm management system for your plant
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WiFi Usage Monitor

  • Analyze your WiFi bandwidth usage with PRTG
  • Detect WiFi data caps and overloads
  • Measure who or what device is responsible for WiFi usage
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Internet connection

  • Keep a constant eye on your internet connection
  • Be alerted immediately if the connection goes down
  • Check to make sure your provider is honoring the terms...
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Bandwidth control

  • Get detailed bandwidth usage data
  • Find and fix the cause of bandwidth issues
  • Get a perfect basis for managing your bandwidth
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Network jitter tests

  • Monitor network jitter with PRTG
  • Keep a constant eye on the quality of your VoIP
  • Receive prompt jitter alerts
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Network Analyzer

  • Analyze all elements of your network
  • Accelerated troubleshooting
  • Avoid bottlenecks
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Microsoft server monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the Microsoft servers in your environment
  • PRTG provides sensors to monitor Microsoft Exchange,...
  • PRTG provides sensors for Microsoft Hyper-V
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Bandwidth Check

  • PRTG uncovers bandwidth hogs
  • PRTG provides detailed statistics on bandwidth consumption
  • PRTG warns you when your bandwidth is too low
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Network Device Scanner

  • Detect and check network devices automatically
  • Monitor performance and availability
  • Alarm function, statistics, and dashboards included
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Data usage monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the complete data usage of your network
  • PRTG supports all major protocols like SNMP, Flow, or...
  • PRTG identifies bottlenecks and network errors
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Network throughput

  • Monitor network throughput and network bandwidth
  • Identify and eliminate bandwidth hogs
  • Be notified in the event of performance bottlenecks
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Server uptime

  • Monitor the availability of all your servers
  • Be promptly notified in the event of downtime 
  • Create custom reports and detailed statistics
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Infrastructure Monitoring

  • PRTG keeps a constant eye on your entire network infrastructure
  • PRTG immediately notifies you in the event of errors or...
  • PRTG provides for less downtime and greater productivity
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Nutanix monitoring

  • Monitor Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Monitor Nutanix clusters
  • Monitor Nutanix hypervisors
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Website availability

  • Monitor the availability of your websites
  • Monitor load times
  • Receive immediate notifications in the event of downtime...
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Database Performance Monitoring

  • Optimize the performance of your databases
  • Enjoy a quick and concise overview and detailed statistics
  • Be notified immediately in the event of errors and...
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Microsoft Network Monitoring

  • Keep an eye on all Microsoft servers
  • Monitor every single Microsoft services
  • Act before an impending failure with PRTG
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  • PRTG monitors Linux performance 24/7
  • PRTG monitors CPU loads, memory usage, traffic, and availability
  • PRTG notifies you if threshold values are exceeded
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Packet Analyzer PRTG

  • Analyze network traffic and data packets
  • Filter packets by IP address, protocols, and data type
  • Ensure high security and optimal performance
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Web Server Performance

  • PRTG monitors the performance and availability of your...
  • PRTG is compatible with all the biggest manufacturers,...
  • PRTG monitors your websites and their load times.
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LAN bandwidth

  • PRTG monitors your LAN bandwidth
  • PRTG promptly warns you in the event of congestion
  • PRTG supports SNMP/WMI, packet sniffing, and NetFlow
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Network infrastructure

  • PRTG monitors all aspects of the network infrastructure
  • PRTG monitors all hardware and software parameters
  • PRTG immediately sounds the alarm in the event of...
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Network ping tool

  • Checks if a connection is established
  • Information about availability and latency
  • Fast error analysis
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Network utilization

  • PRTG provides sensors for measuring your network activity
  • PRTG shows you unusual network activity 
  • PRTG monitors the performance of your networks
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Video conference tools Monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the status of Zoom, Webex, RingCentral,...
  • PRTG immediately notifies you in the event of errors and...
  • PRTG lets you work proactively
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PostgreSQL databases

  • Record database queries over time
  • Check the number of database queries
  • Retrieve individual values from data tables
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Remote server monitoring

  • Check the status and performance of your remote servers
  • Instant alert in the event of errors 
  • Concise overview and detailed statistics
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WAN Monitoring

  • Keep a constant eye on your distributed networks
  • Simplify your remote monitoring
  • Intervene quickly in the event of malfunctions
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Ping latency

  • PRTG uses ping to check all your network devices
  • PRTG notifies you early in case of faults
  • PRTG offers quick overviews including custom dashboards
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Network monitoring best practices

  • Keep a constant eye on network functionality
  • Monitor every aspect of your devices and services
  • Identify bottlenecks both quickly and easily
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Physical security monitoring

  • PRTG monitors CCTV systems
  • PRTG works with Kentix sensors to monitor physical environments
  • PRTG immediately sounds the alarm in the event of malfunctions
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Zoom Monitoring

  • Keep an eye on the status of all Zoom services
  • Monitor the streaming quality
  • Verify the video recording function
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Microsoft 365 Monitoring

  • Monitor the functionality of Microsoft 365 programs and...
  • Create easy-to-read status reports and detailed...
  • Be alerted promptly in the event of errors and disruptions
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WiFi bandwidth monitoring

  • Monitor the bandwidth in your wireless networks
  • See the causes for slow wireless networks
  • Get all important data for effectively managing your bandwidth
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Ethernet Sniffing

  • Analyze data packets individually or together
  • Monitor bandwidth consumption
  • Detect weak spots in the network
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  • Monitor CPU credit balance in the Amazon Cloud
  • Monitor memory, network load, and RDS databases
  • Monitor database performance and storage
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VoIP troubleshooting

  • Measure latency, packet loss, and jitter
  • Check the quality of network device connections
  • Monitor Cisco routers and switches
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Storage Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring with PRTG helps you ensure optimal...
  • Keep track of hard discs, cloud storage, databases, and more
  • Concise overview, detailed long-term statistics
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Aruba Monitoring with PRTG

  • Monitor Aruba access points, controllers, and switches
  • Detailed statistics on availability, utilization, and traffic
  • Prompt alerts in the event of exceeded thresholds or errors
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NetFlow Collector PRTG

  • PRTG uses NetFlow to monitor your network
  • The NetFlow Collector PRTG captures, saves and processes...
  • PRTG identifies bandwidth hogs and helps to prevent bottlenecks
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Alcatel monitoring with PRTG

  • Uncover weak spots with PRTG SNMP sensors
  • Keep a constant eye on the parameters of Alcatel-Lucent...
  • Quickly detect disruptions in Alcatel-Lucent WLAN access points
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Network traffic management

  • PRTG provides sensors to keep track of your network activity
  • PRTG identifies devices that generate high network traffic
  • PRTG monitors the bandwidth
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File server monitoring

  • PRTG monitors the status of your file servers
  • Continuous overview of utilization, modifications, and errors
  • Stop disruptions in their tracks with intelligent monitoring
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HPE switch monitoring

  • Integrate HPE switches into your monitoring environment
  • Preconfigured sensors for basic monitoring
  • Custom sensors for the detailed monitoring of OIDs
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Veeam monitoring

  • Monitor all your Veeam backups
  • Prevent unnecessary data loss
  • Prompt alert in the event of errors & disruptions
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SMTP monitoring

  • Check outgoing mail servers with PRTG
  • Monitor mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange
  • Monitor mail servers with round trip sensors
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Storage capacity planning

  • Plan your storage capacity efficiently and data driven with PRTG
  • Monitor your physical and virtual storage
  • Avoid data loss and failed backups with PRTG
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Access point monitoring

  • Monitor the status of all your access points with PRTG
  • Optimize your network and improve security
  • Proactively prevent failures and disruptions
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Unified communications as a service

  • PRTG monitors all your communication in one tool
  • PRTG monitors VoIP, mail servers, video conference...
  • PRTG alerts you before errors occur
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