Trasmed protects its critical systems with the help of Paessler PRTG and Nunsys


About Trasmed of Grimaldi Group

Grimaldi is a multinational, family-owned shipping company founded in 1947. In 2021 it acquired the assets of Trasmediterranea in the Balearic Islands and started operating under the name Trasmed.

Trasmed operates between the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, connecting them with one another. It has five of its own vessels and one chartered vessel, in addition to cargo and passenger operations.

With a tradition going back more than 100 years, its excellent service is something that has been embedded in the company’s DNA since its inception; investing in new technologies is one of the ways it improves customer service for both passenger and freight transport.




To offer its customers the best possible service, Trasmed is constantly integrating more technology into its vessels. Since a failure of these not only affects the service, but in the worst case even jeopardizes the safe operation of the entire vessel, it is important to always have an overview and be alerted in time in case of issues. For this reason, Trasmed decided to deploy PRTG on its vessels with the help of our partner Nunsys.

Trasmed uses PRTG to measure information about all critical elements and monitor them in a single tool. Thanks to real-time monitoring, IT and OT anomalies are detected before they have a negative impact on the vessel's performance. In this way, PRTG allows Trasmed to focus on prevention rather than just reacting. This is especially valuable in isolated environments on the vessels that are difficult to access.


"The advantage of implementing PRTG is obvious: It allows us to always have a real-time view of the operation of the ship's critical systems. Everything is unified in a single tool that enables us to monitor these systems and even be able to have all this in a simple mobile phone."

Bienvenido Lozano Zarzo, IT Director at GRIMALDI


Learn more about how Trasmed uses Paessler PRTG


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