PRTG for Windows Phone

Access Your PRTG Installation with Your Windows Phone

PRTG for Windows Phone is an app that connects your Windows Phone device to your
PRTG installation—for free!

Use PRTG for Windows Phone

  • Do nearly everything you can do in the PRTG web interface: For example, acknowledge alarms, pause and resume sensors, set priorities and favorites, run device auto-discoveries, scan your network status instantly, work with the ticket system, and edit object comments.
  • In addition, QR code scanning makes it easy to jump directly to a sensor or to add a user account to the app.

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PRTG for Windows PRTG for Windows PRTG for Windows PRTG for Windows




Get Connected

PRTG for Android connects to PRTG servers using HTTPS or HTTP over VPN in mobile networks or WiFi/wireless LAN.



Be Flexible

Use multiple accounts and switch easily between them to see monitoring data of different installations immediately.



Use Network Tools

PRTG for iOS provides Simple Ping to check server reachability without having to connect to a PRTG server.



Get the Data

  • As PRTG for Android connects to your PRTG server, you can see your device tree, sensor lists, sensor data, maps, libraries, logs, and many other things—in a familiar Windows Phone tiles' way. View also object comments and an object's history.
  • The data display automatically adapts to your screen size, so you see as much information as possible at a glance.
  • Get compact information by adding your own home screen widgets: See the global status of a sensor, sensor gauges, graphs, an alarm list, and the last channel value.



Get Notified

  • The app can notify you of outages or breached limits.
  • With push notifications beta, PRTG can send you instant notifications to your mobile device. Push notifications integrate seamlessly into PRTG's notification concept and can be configured on the PRTG server.



Note: The current release does not support notifications or live tiles because Microsoft limits how often an app can poll the network for data in the background. As of Windows Phone 8.1, that limit is approximately every 30 minutes. This limitation would be difficult to communicate to our users, and a notification with a 30 minute delay is not sufficient for network monitoring. We are investigating other possible solutions, please bear with us.

For more information on the PRTG for Windows Phone app, please see our blog post: The New PRTG for Windows Phone: Smart, Improved, Available Now!

PRTG for Windows Phone—Tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with our PRTG for Windows Phone app. So you can even monitor your network when you're on the go!


Transcript - PRTG for Windows Phone

Hi and thanks for taking a look at our PRTG for Windows Phone application tutorial.

The first thing we're gonna take a look at here's the menu.
The menu is where youcan go to all the different components for the PRTG for Windows Phone. The first thing you want to take a look at is your actual device tree hierarchy.
Here's where you can slip your devicesgo through to different devices to see any specific channel or sensor that you want to take a look at.

Once on the channel level you'll be able to see all the data the normally be able to see in the web interface. As you scroll down you'll also be able to see all the graphs that are available on the web interface as well. To click on them they'll actually get bigger, too. At this level you can also favor a sensor or increases it's priority.

If you have any alarms in your PRTG installation you can go to the alarms tab, find something that you need to acknowledge and then click on settings to acknowledge it. Also available through the PRTG for Windows Phone app are the maps. You click on one of the maps you'll be able to see it is that you would be able to in the web interface.

The ticketing system is also available for the PRTG for Windows Phone app - you can see what tickets are open in the PRTG installation. You can click on the tickets them selves go to the options, assign, resolve, close or edit the ticket.

Reports are also available within the PRTG for Windows Phone application when you look at past historical records as well. If you have multiple instances of PRTG you can go into the settings click on Add Account put in the information you we will add a second account to look at it within your phone application. All you have to do is click on the menu go to the top and switch fewer instances.

The last things I'll show you through the PRTG for Windows Phone app is that you can also scan QR codes, if you have them printed out bring your devices. As soon as you scan a code, the PRTG for Windows Phone will take you directly to the device in the PRTG application and we will be able to see all the data for it. We hope that you enjoyed the PRTG for Windows application that we've built for you and hope that helps you on your network more effectively and seamlessly.

Thanks for your time.


System Requirements

Windows Phone Version: You need at least Windows Phone 8.0 to install and run the app. Only on Windows Phone 8.1 or later you can connect to a server with a self-signed certificate (like PRTG's default certificate).

Hardware: We're confident that the app runs on any standardized Windows Phone 8.0. We have tested it on a number of devices, but if you run into a problem, please let us know.

PRTG Server: The PRTG server you connect to requires PRTG version 14.1 or later and needs to be reachable from the network your device is connected to—either directly or via a VPN connection.

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