PRTG Mobile Probe for Android


Use your Android based mobile device as a PRTG Mini Probe for monitoring and get a mobile perspective of your network!

PRTG Probes run monitoring processes and deliver monitoring results back to the PRTG Core server. With the Mobile Mini Probe for Android PRTG Network Monitor supports you in gathering local monitoring data with your mobile device in a very simple and fast way.

With a PRTG mobile probe installed on a tablet or smartphone you can, for example, get information about connection times from your device to an email server, wireless LAN (WiFi) coverage, or environmental data.



PRTG for Android PRTG for Android PRTG for Android PRTG for Android


Important information: Note that the PRTG Mini Probes are a proof of concept. We tested them carefully, however, we cannot offer deep technical support for them nor for your own Mini Probe writing. Moreover, we do not further develop the currently available Mini Probe API because we plan major changes to the underlying API in PRTG. All steps and features described in this article are for your information only.


Mobile probes are a simple way to monitor basic parameters at a certain location inside your network. Some exemplary scenarios mobile probes for Android can be used for:


Monitoring Environmental Data

The PRTG Mobile Probe can monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, or humidity at any desired location. Of course it depends on the available measuring components on your mobile device. Your Android device measures the parameters, the mobile probe monitors them, and the PRTG web interface will report the monitoring results in a way the PRTG user is familiar with.




Monitoring WiFi Coverage

Check the signal strength of the WiFi in your office! With PRTG's mobile probe on your Android device you can use it to monitor the signal and link speed and identify the corners with the perfect signal or signal failures in your office—and you can see it within your PRTG instance.






Monitoring Location, Battery and HTTP

The "location" sensor shows where your device currently is—good to know since it is portable. You can additionally check the device status such as battery charge, perform pings on the mobile probe to show the device's availability, or monitor the loading times of websites via HTTP. Besides reviewing monitoring data in PRTG's web interface, you can also access the most recent results directly on the mobile probe.


Requirements and Setup

How do you get started? These are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the PRTG Mobile Probe for Android from Google Play and install it on your mobile device that runs Android 2.0 or later.
  2. Allow Mini Probes and "any" IPs (or an appropriate IP range) to connect to your PRTG server in PRTG's Probe Connection Settings, and ensure that the PRTG Core server (version 13.4.7 or later) is accessible from the network your device is connected to.
  3. Then link up the mobile probe with your PRTG installation by simply providing the address and access key in the mobile probe.
  4. Important: Use the address of your PRTG web interface—the web interface must be accessible via HTTPS!
  5. Acknowledge the new probe connection in PRTG, create the desired sensors, and PRTG will start monitoring! You can, of course, individually define the monitoring interval in your mobile probe's settings.

Interested in More PRTG Probes?



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