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Limits of a Download Server
for Large Downloads

Probing the maximum number of users without
deterioration of performance


In this test up to 100 users download a 32 MB file from the web server every 30 seconds. The web server is connected to the network with a GigaBit network card.

In the graph we can see that the download times per user are almost constant until about 50 users are active at the same time.


A maximum of 50 users can be active simultaneously until the server's and the network's limits are hit.

Test Results

Maximum Pageviews ~6.400 downloads pageviews per hour
Maximum Server Bandwidth ~480.000 kBit/s


wst4 eng


Test Setup

Test Type RAMP (number of users increases during the test time)
Number of Users 100
Click Delay 30 sec
Tested Web Server DELL Dimension, 1.5 Ghz Intel P4, 400 MB RAM, Windows 2003 Small Business Server, IIS6 (out-of-the-box installation), GigaBit Network
Test Client DELL Poweredge 750, 2.8 GHz Intel XEON (Hyperthreading), 2 GB RAM, Windows 2003 Server, (out-of-the-box installation) (running Webserver Stress Tool)