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Programa de Certificação Paessler

Nós projetamos o Programa de Certificação Paessler para oferecer aos profissionais de TI e de vendas a oportunidade de provar a sua competência em vender PRTG Network Monitor, bem como sua capacidade de oferecer serviços tais como consultoria e assistência técnica aos clientes.

As certificações comprovam a competência técnica e conhecimento sobre licenciamento da pessoa certificada. Nota: Os testes estão disponíveis apenas em inglês.


ProgramA TESTE Online FAQs 


badge certified sales professional 2023

Paessler Certified
Sales Professional 2023


Sales Profissionals terão conhecimento das principais características do PRTG e poderão recomendar o software correto para seus clientes. Eles podem ajudar os clientes a identificar a licença que precisarão e irão saber como fazer o pedido da licença. Eles também podem auxiliar os clientes com renovações de manutenção e atualizações de licenças. Profissionais de vendas também demonstram conhecimento técnico das principais características do PRTG.

Para certificar-se, você tem que passar por um teste on-line, que custa 50 €.
Gostaria de ver alguns exemplos de perguntas antes de tentar o teste?

Amostra de teste Professional Paessler Certified Sales (grátis)


badge certified monitoring expert 2023

Paessler Certified
Monitoring Expert 2023


Monitoring Experts terão um profundo conhecimento técnico de PRTG. Eles podem demonstrar PRTG aos seus clientes e podem prestar consultoria aos clientes que procuram uma solução de monitoramento adequada. Monitoring Experts serão capazes de discutir as opções de arquitetura e fornecer suporte de primeiro nível aos seus clientes. Eles também podem ajudar os clientes a determinar a melhor licença com base em suas necessidades.

Para certificar-se, você tem que passar por um teste on-line, que custa 150 €.
Gostaria de ver alguns exemplos de perguntas antes de tentar o teste?

Amostra de teste Monitoring Experts Certified Paessler (grátis)



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How much do the online tests cost?

The Paessler Certified Sales Professional test costs €50.

The Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert test costs €150.

How can I pay for a test?

We accept payment by PayPal and credit card. Kindly note that no additional registration is necessary.

Will I get a receipt for the test?

Yes, you will receive a receipt via email right after you purchased a test or training.

Can I use external resources?

Yes, the Paessler tests are “open book”.  You may use all online resources including our website, that you'd like.

We strongly recommend having a PRTG installation running during the test to check specific settings or options, especially when working on the Monitoring Expert test.

All Paessler’s certifications are online and, as such, rely on the honor system to prevent abuse. We trust that you’ll answer the questions yourself, and that the name you give us for the certificate is correct.

How many questions are on the test? How much time do I have to complete the test?

The Paessler Certified Sales Professional test consists of 40 questions.  The time limit is 60 minutes.

The Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert test consists of 55 questions.  The time limit is 90 minutes.

What types of questions are on the test?

All questions in this test are either single or multiple choice. The type of question will be indicated within the test. For multiple choice questions you must select all of the correct answers to receive full points for that question.

What is the passing mark?

The passing mark for both tests is 70%.

What if I lose my network connection during the test?

In case of network connection issues you can use your email address and password to log back into the test within 20 minutes. In case you experience further problems outside of the 20 minute time-frame, please contact us at [email protected].

How long is a certification valid? How can I re-certify?

Each certification is valid for two years, starting with the date you passed the test. To re-certify yourself after two years, simply take the test again.

Do I have to take a training course?

No, you are not required to participate in any training courses before taking these tests. However, we do recommend a training course before starting the Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert exam.

What is the best way for me to prepare for my exam?

For a structured self-paced training please see the following link:    

Additional help can be found here:

How many attempts do I get?

You will have a single attempt. In order to take the test again, please contact us at [email protected].

In what languages are the tests available?

The tests are only available in English.

Do I receive something from Paessler when I pass a test?

After you passed the test you will be able to download the PRTG Certificate and Logo. We will also send you a confirmation email which will include your certificate, logo and exam result. You are allowed to use the Certificate and Logo as proof of your qualification.

Why do I need to enter my name and address during the registration process?

Please enter your full name, company and email address in order to receive a personalized certificate once you have passed the test.

The name and address information you enter here will not be used by Paessler for any purpose other than administering these tests. We will not pass on your information to any third parties. You will not be registered for any mailing lists.

Paessler Privacy Policy

Who should I contact if I have problems or questions?

If you face any insecurities or doubts while working on the test, you can contact the Paessler Training Team at [email protected] for any problem or question. We are happy to assist.

Does my entire company profit from the certification?

Sure. According to the Paessler partner program you are required to obtain certain certifications in order for your company to reach the next partner level. However, the certifications are tied to one person only, meaning if the certified person leaves the company, the certification is gone as well.



Still questions?

If you have any other questions about Paessler's certification program,
please contact [email protected].