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Customers using Site Inspector

The following companies are using Site Inspector (or a previous version of IE Booster):

  • Internet: eBay Inc, Lemonjuice Digital Creations (Germany), Xdrive (USA), Neosys d.o.o. Ljubljana (SLO), Nielsens Web & Tekst (DK), Smart Service Queensland (AUS)
  • Media: Fox Sports Interactive Media (USA), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (D), November Films (USA), ice3studios (USA)
  • Information Technology: Brother International Nederland BV, Computer Associates, CSC, EMC Corp, Intel Corp, Toshiba Europe GmbH, NET-IQ,  Priority Software Inc, Siemens AG, T-Systems International AG
  • Consulting: Cap Gemini Denmark (DK), Ethical HackerZ Inc. (USA), PricewaterhouseCoopers (NL), SmartSys Consulting Inc (CA), TÜV Informatik Service (D)
  • Education/Government: Dept of Natural Resources (USA), State Library of Tasmania (Australia), York University, Atkinson (GB), Universität Heidelberg (D), St George's School for Girls (GB), US Army,  
  • Finance: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Danskebank (DK)
  • Other Industries: American Management Association, Medium Cool Ltd (GB), Mironet Australia (AUS), Numerica (USA), Planai Hochwurzen Bahnen GmbH (A), Royal Horticultural Society (UK)

What The Press Says

Here are some comments of the press about our web page analysis tool (Site Inspector or IE Booster):

  • www.tucows.com:rated 5-out-of-5 cows
  • www.washingtonpost.com: " Bottom line: Keep this multi-function tool handy "
  • www.zdnet.com: " ...makes Internet Explorer a safer and more useful tool "
  • www.softwaretransit.com: "There is lots of other software available to a web designer to help him/her get the most out of their web page, but IE Booster 2 is the only complete package."
  • www.guiguy.com: "It's actually a whole bunch of utilities in a nicely presented, obvious and discoverable user interface. The GUIguy is rarely at a loss for words, but, in this case, he is! If you are involved with web authoring or just plain curious, get this program!"
  • www.completelyfreesoftware.com: IE Booster is a "must have" IE add-on.
  • www.webattack.com: " A very valuable tool for web developers " (5-out-of-5 stars)
  • www.langa.com: " It's definitely one of those "how did I manage without it" type of applications!...also uninstalled well--- it appears to be a well-behaved utility. "
  • www.rocketdownload.com: Rated 4x " :) "
  • www.filetransit.com: Rated 5-out-of-5 stars
  • www.sharewarejunkies.com: you can't miss with this tool (5-out-of-5 stars).
  • www.completelyfreesoftware.com: IE Booster offers such a wealth of additional functions – and without any system resource baggage! – that we wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who uses IE version 5 or later installs this little beauty, specially WebAuthors