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Stay on top
of your
security game

Regularly scan your firewalls and virus scanners
AND take a closer look at bandwidth bottlenecks.
Your IT security might be at stake. 



Prevent attacks on your IT security

An Integrated Solution

Check Updates

Are the virus definitions up to date? Are backups valid? Is the firewall online? Security only works when the security tools are working. PRTG monitors your security tools and ensures they run properly.

Detection on

Detection On

What happens when a virus is not detected or a Trojan bypasses the firewall? PRTG detects unusual behavior, such as the proliferation of traffic, the maxing out of memory capacity or irregular email traffic, and notifies you accordingly.

Prompt Alerts

Get Notified Fast

Ensure security on all levels is operational, and that you are alerted as soon as pre-defined thresholds have been hit. PRTG monitors hardware sensors too, which could include video security cameras - keeping you 100% safe.

Don't wait until it's too late. See what PRTG can do for your network today: Test the free 30-day trial version now.

PRTG – more than security monitoring

PRTG is an all-in-one monitoring solution designed for networks of all sizes. The software installs quickly and auto-detects many devices in your network straight away, saving hours of painful configuration time.

With PRTG you will:

increase productivity

Increase productivity

PRTG is so easy-to-use that our users save 2-5 hours per week, which they invest in optimization of their networks.


improve visibility

Improve visibility

Individual maps or dashboards help you to see the status of your network around the clock. Even on-the-go.

5 Layers of Meta-Security


  • What the biggest IT security threats are
  • What we mean by meta-security
  • How to keep your IT infrastructure safe