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PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG roadmap 

This is a selected overview of PRTG features we are currently working on or will work on in the future.
Please be aware that some of the items may move or even disappear completely. 

We are collecting feedback via survey to help us develop some of our new features
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working on

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Single Sign-On with Okta

Support for Okta as SSO provider for access to your on-premises PRTG Network Monitor installation. For more information, see the Knowledge Base: How to integrate Okta SSO into PRTG?

API keyss

Use API keys to authenticate your scripts and integrations both in the current PRTG API (v1) and the new PRTG API v2.

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ARM support for the Multi-Platform Probe

The Multi-Platform Probe now supports ARM based systems with either ARMv7 or AArch64 architecture. This enables you to deploy your probe on systems like Raspberry Pi, AWS EC2 with Graviton CPU, or NAS systems, for example. For more information, see the Knowledge Base: What is the Multi-Platform Probe and how can I use it?

PRTG Desktop multi server search

Perform a search on multiple PRTG servers simultaneously.

PRTG Desktop channel widget

A widget for the Multi Server Dashboard in PRTG Desktop that you can configure to display information for one or a few selected channels.

Meraki cloud management sensors

Monitor your Cisco Meraki licenses and Cisco Meraki network devices. 

Try out experimental versions of the sensor types Cisco Meraki License and Cisco Meraki Network Health as of PRTG stable version

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Redfish sensorss

Monitor your server hardware using the Redfish protocol from your servers' BMC controllers like Lenovo XClarity, HPE iLO or Dell iDrac. This enables you to keep an eye on CPU, power supply, or disk drives, for example. Redfish is the successor of IPMI and provides better security.

Try out experimental versions of the sensor types Redfish System Health, Redfish Virtual Disk, and Redfish Power Supply as of PRTG stable version

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Microsoft 365 Mailbox sensor

Monitor your Microsoft 365 mailbox and keep track of the mailbox size and latest and oldest emails. You can also monitor specific emails by using filter options.

FortiGate firewall sensorss

Monitor the system health and get an overview of the overall state of your Fortinet FortiGate firewalls with FortiGate System Health and FortiGate VPN Overview sensors.

Try out an experimental version of the FortiGate System Statistics sensor as of PRTG stable version and of the FortiGate VPN Overview sensor as of PRTG stable version

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NetApp sensor improvements

We are updating the NetApp sensors so that they will continue to function after the changes of the ONTAP REST API.



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Infrastructure monitoring via Multi-Platform Probe

Monitor your network infrastructure with our new Multi-Platform Probe that runs also on Linux systems.

Debian and RPM packages for Multi-Platform Probe deployment

Easily deploy Multi-Platform Probes via RPM Package Manager and Debian Package Manager.

PRTG Desktop on Linuxs

Run the PRTG Desktop app on common Linux distributions.

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PRTG Desktop health overview

Get a high level view of your PRTG monitoring infrastructure and status in PRTG Desktop.

New UI and API: Historic data visualization

PRTG gets a completely new UI and API. Use charts to understand what happened when.

New UI and API: Create, edit, delete monitoring objectss

PRTG gets a completely new UI and API. Use them to create, edit, and delete monitoring objects.

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OPC UA Server for PRTGs

Enables you to read data from PRTG like alerts, sensor states, or channel metrics with your supervision system like SCADA, DCS, DCIM etc. via OPC UA.

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Further authentication options

Further authentication option including ways to use single sign-on or multi-factor authentication.

PRTG Desktop script transfer

Transfer custom sensor scripts and other data between PRTG installations via PRTG Desktop.

Container monitorings

Monitor your Docker containers and get information about their health and performance metrics.

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Palo Alto sensors

Monitor your Palo Alto firewalls.

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Grafana integrations

Paessler-built Grafana integration for PRTG that works with our new API.

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Multi-Platform Probe on PRTG Hosted Monitors

PRTG Hosted Monitor support for the Multi-Platform Probe.

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New authentication methods for PRTG Hosted Monitors

Azure AD and Okta as single sign-on providers for PRTG Hosted Monitor.

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Release notes

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