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We have integrated the functionality of IPCheck Server Monitor into its successor product PRTG Network Monitor. The upgrade is free for customers of IPCheck Server Monitor with an active maintenance plan. You can download the new installer in our updates center.

June 30th 2008 - Version 7.0 of PRTG Network Monitor


September 19th 2008 - Version

  • New: Support for Windows Server 2008
  • Bugfix: Solved sporadic SSL problems for WinGUI

January 31st 2008 - Version

  • Bugfix: WMI Sensors now support 64-bit result values
  • Bugfix: 'Restart Service' option didn't work properly with some WMI Service Sensors
  • Bugfix: Under some conditions a repeated 'DOWN ESCALATION' notification was sent after a sensor went back online (after a scheduled pause) although the condition that triggered the notification was no longer true
  • Bugfix: Event Log sensors didn't ignore event log entries during the time they were paused (by user, schedule oder dependency)
  • Change: Writing of monitoring data to disk is now more evenly distributed to avoid delays in monitoring intervals
  • Change: New dbExpress libraries for SQL sensors to enhance Vista compatibility
  • Change: If a notification is supressed by a schedule an appropriate message will be written in the log
  • Change: Repeated 'DOWN ESCALATION' notifications get a modified status text (%STATUS placeholder) in notificatons to indicate that it is a repeated notification

October 10th 2007 - Version

  • New: User can edit the timeout setting for SQL and System sensors. Default value has been set to 5 minutes (was 30 seconds). Changed for enhanced reliability with many sensors of these types.
  • New: The new exit code value '5' is now supported for Custom sensors. It indicates that a scan was not possible due to some reason that shouldn't be counted as an error. This results in a 'blue' sensor state (same behavior as with probe connection problems).
  • Change: Optimized parallel execution of SQL sensors to avoid timeouts.
  • Change: Sequence of 'Lower/Upper Warning/Error Settings' in the 'Edit Sensor' page changed to a more intuitive order.
  • Change: In earlier versions, notifications triggered during a scheduled pause of a notification were stored and then sent as soon as the schedule ended - which sometimes caused many late messages. Now notifications triggered during a scheduled pause are simply discarded. Only notifications with an 'escalation repeat' setting will be sent after the inactive period, depending on the sensor status.
  • Change: Sensors that use multiple probes now use the next available probe for a subsequent scan. The old behavior was to use the same probe for immediate rescans after an error. This should result in more reliable information about the monitored device(s) since minor connectivity problems.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug affecting WMI sensors that caused access violations.

August 20th 2007 - Version

  • New: Added new sensor types based on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)
    • WMI CPU load sensor
    • WMI Free RAM sensor
    • WMI Free Disk Space sensor
    • WMI Service Status sensor
    • General WMI query sensor (for custom WMI queries)
  • New: Full support for Windows Vista
    • Fixed a bug in the control panel that crashed Windows Explorer on Vista
    • Helpfile now in CHM format (HLP format is not supported on Vista)
  • New: The 'Add New Sensor' page memorizes the domain and user settings of the most recently added WMI and remote system sensors. The values are stored for each IPCheck user until IPCheck is restarted.
  • Bugfix: Some problems with Oracle SQL sensors, especially login failures, when using a large number Oracle sensors.
  • Bugfix: EventLog sensor showed incorrect results when an event log's entries were deleted during monitoring
  • Bugfix: EventLog Notification now ignores 'Event Type' setting
  • Changed: SMTP password in the Control Panel applet was displayed in clear text.
  • Changed: Installer now installs latest version 2.0 of the Firebird SQL Server for new installations (was version 1.5; existing Firebird installations remain unchanged)

April 12th 2007 - Version

  • New: Event Log Sensors can now scan event logs for specific 'Event IDs'
  • Changed: Custom (TCP) script sensors stored the full path to the script causing problems with probes installed in another directory than the host
  • Changed: The input field for 'Custom OIDs' (SNMP Advanced Sensors) accepts now up to 512 characters
  • Changed: Had to change the probe handshake ID => update of all probes is required when this new version is installed on the server
  • Bugfix: Some headers were displayed incorrectly in the Notification Cross Reference
  • Bugfix: When playing sound notifications error messages sometimes displayed an incorrect text stating that the operation was successful
  • Bugfix: Error type was not set correctly for DNS Sensors when no data record was found in the server's reply (could lead to incorrect graphs/reports)
  • Bugfix: Public URLs for groups were not handled properly during import. An imported group has now 'Publish Group' disabled by default
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with wrong min/max settings in exported INI files after a group export
  • Bugfix: German language string for missing network map graph was too long
  • Bugfix: SNMP Helper libraries updated. Old libraries caused errors with MS-SQL counters among others
  • Bugfix: Display bug in the WinGUI that renders sometimes empty pages after a tag selection if the sensor list isn't displayed from the top entry before the selection

March 6th 2007 - Version

  • New: The Event Log Sensor now also supports the Event Logs 'Directory Service','DNS Server' and 'File Replication Service' which are available on Domain Controllers
  • Security: The RSS link on the interface is now only visible when the main page shows data from the logged on user. Before the password of a user that allowed read-only access to his data was visible to other users
  • Bugfix: Object names (sensors, servers, etc.) that contained HTML relevant characters (e.g. '>') were able to break the object edit page
  • Bugfix: Some pages did not display correctly in the WinGUI
  • Note: This version requires an update of all Remote Probes

February 23rd 2007 - Version

  • Bugfix: IPCheck user accounts created with version 5.4.0.x could not access probes created by versions older than 5.4.0

February 15th 2007 - Version

  • Bugfix: Build numbers 771-776 will stop working on March 1st 2007
  • Bugfix: Remote Probe Installer did not install the file "AIMAuth.dll"

February 13th 2007 - Version

  • Major new features
    • Redesigned Webinterface
    • Event Log Sensor: it monitors the windows event logs from a local or a remote computer. This sensor can trigger an 'On Change' notification when event log entries match certain conditions
    • Tagging: Sensors now have a 'Tags' property (comma seperated list of keywords) that can be used to filter the main sensor list display ('/show' URL) with the 'Tag Filter' section in the web interface. Sensors have internal predefined tags for status and sensor type. Filter also works on the quickview URLs and eventlists
    • Event Log Notifications: Notifications now have a new 'Event Log' section which can be used to write an entry in the windows application event log
    • ICQ Notifications re-animated: ICQ had changed their protocol last year. Then IPCheck was not able to send ICQ messages anymore. Now the new protocol is supported by IPCheck.
  • Other new features
    • New: Escalation notifications can be re-sent repeatedly every x minutes
    • New: The admin can now specify which probes are available for IPCheck users. For new users a default set can be configured in the control panel applet (ISP edition only)
    • New: Error log files (ipcerror.log/remerr.log) will be recreated when their size exceeds 100MB. The old file is renamed
    • New: Logging of sensor results into the monitoring database ('Monitoring Database' folder) is now disabled a soon as the free space on the disk containing this folder falls below 100 MB. An email is sent to inform the admin and error log entries in the ipcerror.log file are generated when this happens
    • New: Registry switch to disable fixed binding of tcp sensors at the probe ip address, to improve behaviour in multihomed environments.
    • New: The contents of the 'Messages/Errors' box in the web interface can be displayed via an RSS feed. The URL for this feed is available via a link in the header of this box.
    • New: Monitoring Data export for a specific sensor: Url '/getdata?id=sensorid&idate=logdate' ,logdate=date in excel format as integer (=days since 30th December 1899, e.g. 39066= 15th December 2006 - if omitted the current day is used) to display the sensor results of a specific day in a simple HTML table. The output format is analog to the csv export files
    • New: MS-SQL Sensor now supports instances on non default TCP Ports
  • Bugfixes
    • Bugfix: Date header of emails had the wrong timezone information
    • Bugfix: Some timeouts displayed '0 ms' instead of the correct timeout value
    • Bugfix: User subscription was not possible though the option was enabled in the control panel applet (ISP Version)
    • Bugfix: Some email readers could not correctly display HTML emails from IPCheck
    • Bugfix: When an email is sent from IPCheck via the secondary SMTP server configured in the control panel applet, an error message was misleadingly displayed though the email was sent correctly.
    • Bugfix: The secondary SMTP server configured in the control panel applet was not always used when sending via the primary SMTP server failed.
    • Bugfix: Sensor result messages were not always correct when the probe for this sensor was not available.
    • Bugfix: Some display errors with floating point properties.
    • Bugfix: The 'Import Data' function could corrupt values of the 'Check Values' settings group for the imported sensors
    • Bugfix: A probe could produce 100% CPU load under some conditions.
    • Bugfix: Reverse DNS lookup (associating names to IP addresses) for servers found with the 'Auto Discovery Network' feature was broken.
    • Bugfix: When adding new sensors, passwords supplied in the 'Sensor Select Page' that contained spaces became corrupted
    • Bugfix: In some password fields in the 'Sensor Edit' page the input was not masked correctly and displayed as clear text
    • Bugfix: HTTP Transaction sensors sometimes have incorrectly reported a 'Connection Closed Gracefully' error (depending on the target server)
    • Bugfix: HTTP Sensors were not aborting properly when a 'ReadTimeout' of the ip-stack occured. This leads to response times several times greater than the timeout value.
    • Bugfix: POSTDATA settings in HTTP sensors are now only sent with HTTP POST requests
    • Bugfix: Bug that caused a 'Read Timeout' in HTTP Sensors when a redirect from a POST to a GET request occured
  • Changes
    • Change: New Firebird SQL Server Version 1.5.3 is now installed/updated (Setup checks the version and updates if necessary).
    • Change: Probe Up/Down notifications emails are now only sent when after the UP/DOWN status of a probe changes, the new status lasts at least 20s.
    • Change: The on demand email reports from the user context menu (i.e. 'Email Report (24 Hours)') now work on the currently displayed sensors in the main view which could be filtered with tags.
    • Change: Installer prevents installation on Windows Vista because Vista does not work with the control panel applets of IPCheck and Firebird (a fix is in development)

August 25th 2006 - Version

  • Bugfix: Email notifications always used the default topic
  • Bugfix: Images on the help pages were broken

August 24th 2006 - Version

  • Security: Fixed a vulnerability in webserver: By Using URLs with special characters a directory traversal was possible which could be exploited to gain access to files on the disk which IPCheck is installed on. Update is especially recommended for users using IPCheck's web interface over WAN connections!
  • Security: List of acceptable host IP addresses in the probe settings did not work
  • Bugfix: Auto reassignment of changed OIDs for SNMP Traffic Sensors did not work
  • Bugfix: Probe status on 'System Status' page was not displayed correctly
  • Bugfix: Some notifications showed incorrect content for placeholders
  • Bugfix: Incorrect display of probe name for the first scan when using 'cycle through all probes' setting
  • Bugfix: File sensors didn't show the 'OnChange notification' dropdown box
  • Changed: The request time measurement and protocol handling of the HTTP sensor was optimized which causes all HTTP requests to appear faster than in previous versions (request time values are shorter by some 50-100ms)

August 7th 2006 - Version

  • Changed: WinGUI now also works with limited user accounts that have no admin rights
  • Changed: SNMP OID libraries are now automatically installed with the Remote Probe Installer
  • Changed: Custom sensors now also work when the Remote Probe is installed in a different path than the IPCheck Server
  • Bugfix: Some error conditions that could occur while sending emails were not reported as error
  • Bugfix: Errors during SNMP scan of available interfaces (SNMP Traffic sensors) or available library values (SNMP Advanced sensors) were not reported correctly
  • Bugfix: The content of placeholders in notifications (subject and body) could get corrupted under heavy load
  • Bugfix: Some sensor timeouts were incorrectly reported as probe timeouts
  • Bugfix: 'Duplicate Server' function could mess up the values of the 'Check Values' settings group for the duplicated sensors

July 25th 2006 - Version

  • Bugfix: Heavy HTTPS load on the webserver was able to crash the SSL secured web interface
  • Bugfix: Min/Max checks for sensor results did not work with the value '0'
  • Minor internal bugfixes

July 11th 2006 - Version

  • New: The Freeware Edition now supports up to 5 sensors for free (was three sensors)
  • New: Now all editions support all sensor types. The sensor type limitations for freeware and standard editions are gone
  • New: Now all editions support multiple user accounts and remote probes. Both features were limited to Professional and higher editions
  • New: With the Medium Enterprise Edition we are now offering a new mid-size license for IPCheck Server Monitor that supports 5 users and up to 1000 sensors

June 20th 2006 - Version

  • Changed: The behaviour of the sensor request scheduler has changed slightly. Now also latency timeouts are additionally used for sensor scheduling (see this knowledgebase article)
  • Bugfix: In some installations Group/Server based Notifications did not work properly (bug was introduced in V5.3)

May 19th 2006 - Version

  • Bugfix: Non-Admin users could not see the probe selection setting for sensors

May 15th 2006 - Version

  • Bugfix: Fixed MS SQL sensor problems with default database instances

May 10th 2006 - Version

  • Main new features
    • New: Added support for SNMP V2c and V3
    • New: Latencies and notifications can now be set for all levels (groups, servers and sensors) and sublevels can use the parent's settings. This should dramatically improve usability for large installations with many sensors.
    • New: Version 2.01 of the IPCheck Mobile GUI for Pocket PCs is now an integrated part of IPCheck Server Monitor
  • Note for upgrades from previous versions
    • The old latency settings (on account level) are no longer existent. Your previous latency settings will automatically be transferred to the group level during the update and all servers and sensors will use the group's settings, so your functionality will not change by the upgrade.
    • Notification settings are now also available on server and group level and using the group's settings is now the default setting when creating new sensors. For your existing sensors the notification settings will not be changed during an upgrade, so your functionality will not change by the upgrade.
    • We recommend to use the "Cross Reference of Sensors, Latencies and Notifications" (My Account page) to eventually clean up your settings
  • User Interface Changes in Detail
    • New: Added support for SNMP V2c (adds 64 bit counters) and SNMP V3 (adds authentication and encryption)
    • New: When creating new sensors the associated probe can be selected right from the beginning
    • New: When new NT Service and SNMP sensors are created the list of available options (lists of available services/interfaces/snmp oids) is now populated by the remote probe (instead of the webserver process). This way you get a valid list of options even for servers outside the webserver's network
    • New: Added various Javascript optimizations to the WebGUI for an enhanced user experience, e.g. long lists/dropdowns are shown with minimal height intially and can be resized by clicking the "+" icon on the right
    • New: Probe selection is now a list of checkboxes which means that you can choose one or more probes for each server (IPCheck uses a round-robin manner when more than one probe is selected)
    • New: The name of the last used probe is shown in brackets [] in the status messages (if more than one probe is defined)
    • New: 'Cross Reference of sensors, latencies and notifications' page shows more information (can be found in the "Account" menu and on the "My Account" page)
    • New: Default skin "IPCheck Modern" has been updated for new Paessler corporate colors (skin with the old look&feel is now "IPCheck 2005")
    • New: New panel "ISP Settings" in the Control panel enables the admin to set various defaults settings for new users (ISP Edition only)
  • Internal Changes in Detail
    • New: Webserver constantly sends 'Keep Alive' packets to the probe to make sure the probe is available and the connection is not broken
    • New: The installer for the Mobile GUI is now part of IPCheck's main installation
    • New: Updated English manual with all features of V5.3
  • License Changes
    • Changed License: Freeware Edition may also be used for commercial use and is not limited to non-commercial use anymore
    • Changed License: "Additional User" licenses can now also be used with the Professional and Standard Edition (formerly the Multi User Edition was required)
  • Bugfixes
    • Bugfix: Fixed a Database Error when exporting monitoring data into the SQL server daily
    • Bugfix: 'Group Export' feature showed an 'Internal Error' under special conditions
    • Bugfix: Changed code for network maps, should not show "out of resources" or "invalid handle" messages any more
    • Bugfix: Some sensor timeouts were incorrectly shown as probe timeouts
    • Bugfix: ipcheckprobe.exe file is now runtime-encrypted to avoid repeated heuristic virus warnings of some virus scanners
    • Bugfix: Some changes to groups/server/sensor settings were not immediately written to the database and could get lost upon a reboot
    • Various minor bugfixes

Feb 28th 2006 - Version

  • New: Added the "Basic Linux Monitoring" OID Library for SNMP monitoring of Linux systems (supports monitoring of disks, memory and CPU load) for Library SNMP Sensors
  • Bugfix: Variable "sensor.resultvalue" was broken in Custom Script Sensors. Please use "sensor.result_value" now instead

Feb 21st 2006 - Version

  • New: Added complete manual and helpfiles in German
  • New: Support for SNMP Helper Pro which enables IPCheck to monitor several thousand performance counters of Windows systems and MS SQL, Exchange, Biztalk and ISA server
  • New: Page that shows a cross reference of all sensors and their notifications (link on My Account page)
  • New: Messages from HTTP Content Checks now mention the MUST/MAYNOT string in the status message upon error
  • New: Quickview and published groups now have a second URL to show icons for Servers and groups (with "showicons=1" parameter)
  • New: Improved session handling to speed up the setup of new SNMP sensors
  • New: IPCheck now offers a "Server Status" URL (password is set in the Control Panel) which can be used to monitor one IPCheck instance with another IPCheck instance. Link can be found on the "Administration" page
  • New: Folder where the Monitoring Database and IPCheck's SQL database files are stored can be changed in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Paessler\IPCheck\dbpath
  • New: Added a 'Scale' setting for SNMP Advanced Sensors
  • New: SNMP monitoring now supports 64 bit counters
  • Change: Monitoring results are now stored as 64-Bit values
  • Change: Changed bitmap handling for network maps to avoid 'Not enough memory to process this command' errors
  • Change: Name property of groups/servers/sensors can now hold up to 128 Characters
  • Bugfix: WinGui showed all notification items twice
  • Bugfix: Minigraph axis labels were truncated for values over 1 million
  • Bugfix: Email reports didn't ignore probe errors which caused descrepancy for uptime/downtime values between Email and WebGUI reports
  • Bugfix: Fixed a rare lockup possibility that could stop all monitoring

Dec 12th 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: We had to change the connection type for the servers from https to http because recently https did not work anymore. Note: Several customers have experienced problems with them  recently. We recommend to switch to or, both are already preconfigured in IPCheck 5. Simply set up an account to use these services with IPCheck.

Dec 8th 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: Problems could show up when remote probes were deleted in the Control Panel
  • Bugfix: Internal changes will minimize potential for sporadic webserver crashes that some customers have experienced

Nov 22nd 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: SQL sensors did not work via Remote Probes
  • Bugfix: When creating graphs the message "not enough storage to process this command" should not appear anymore, even on systems with tight memory situation

Nov 17th 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: Internal date/time formatting was sensitive to global system config changes
  • Bugfix: SNMP Port changes did not work on the 'Sensor Select' page
  • Bugfix: Email reports for more than 90 days were blocked

Sep 21th 2005 - Version

  • New: "Hierarchical dependencies" for groups, servers and sensors
  • New: "Network Map" feature which enables you to create up-to-date graphical maps of your network with icons showing the sensors' states
  • New: Report schedule option "no reports" which is now also default for new users
  • New: "Custom" SMS service provider (sends a custom HTTP request)
  • New: Support for US gateway of BulkSMS
  • New: Added detailed documentation about script syntax and functions for SCRIPT sensors in the manual
  • New: Host service sends keep-alive-packets to probes every 30 seconds to avoid probe connection losses due to firewall or NAT connection timeouts
  • New: Initial redirect (occurs when webserver is accessed with a servername different from the one set in the control panel) now shows an information webpage
  • New: New 'Port' property for Oracle SQL Sensor
  • New: New 'Interface' property to select between oracle client interface (OCI) or SQL-Net (direct TCP/IP)
  • Changed: HTTP Sensors don't send a trailing null byte with post data
  • Changed: When the connection to a probe fails it is tried up to three times for each sensor request
  • Changed: When the login/connection to the target for a system sensor fails it is tried up to three times
  • Changed: Admin Dependencies now do not only pause sending of notifications but also pause monitoring of all sensors
  • Changed: Notification dependencies stop sending of messages if the dependency sensor "is not UP (green)" (was "if DOWN (red)"), which mainly means that a paused or scheduled admin dependency sensor also stops notifications
  • Bugfix: Custom entry for 'Service Sensor' does not work properly when services list was empty.
  • Bugfix: Stopping the probe before the host web server could prohibit a correct shutdown of the host.
  • Bugfix: Various smaller bugs

Aug 4th 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: WinGUI did not play the selected soundfile

July 28th 2005 - Version

  • New: Number of sensors for Prof, Multi User, Ent. and ISP Editions have been increased for free!
  • Simply install this latest version to be able to use the additional sensors
    • New: Professional Edition now comes with 200 sensors by default
    • New: Multi User Edition now comes with 400 sensors by default
    • New: Enterprise and ISP Edition now come with unlimited sensors (99.999)
  • Changed: WinGUI "AutoRun" status is now (Windows-)user dependent
  • Bugfix: Error occured when HTTP Transaction sensors were created
  • Bugfix: Export of monitoring data into SQL server sometimes wrote data more than once
  • Bugfix: Error 'Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Integer)' during startup.
  • Beta Feature: Network Map feature (first draft implementation, more to come soon)
    • In the WindowsGUI you can select an image as a brackground and then you can place small icons for each sensor on the image (see group's context menu)
    • In the WebGUI choose "View Network Map" from the group's popup menu.

July 12th 2005 - Version

  • New: If IPCheck cannot keep up with the desired scanning intervals (e.g. due to insufficient hardware or slow network) a warning message shows up in the log
  • Bugfix: 'List out of bounds' errors in control panel applet
  • Bugfix: Sensor names were missing in quick view and published groups

July 6th 2005 - Version

  • New: Much faster service startup even with thousands of sensors
  • New: Improved sensor scheduling for large installations
  • New: Much faster email report generation
  • New: When auto-refreshing the server/sensor list of the WebGUI keeps the scrolling position
  • Bugfix: Fixed memory leak in SNMP sensors
  • Bugfix: Sometimes empty email reports were sent
  • Bugfix: HTTP notifications sometimes failed

June 29th 2005 - Version

  • Bugfix: Standard version supported 15 min intervals only
  • Bugfix: "Import Group" feature sometimes caused login dialogs to pop up
  • Changed: Minor changes to the SMTP sensor
  • Changed: Web GUI URLs with incorrect hostname are redirected to the hostname set in the control panel
  • Various minor bugfixes

June 20th 2005 - Version - Major New Version

  • User Interface
    • Strongly improved and faster Web Interface
    • Most functions are now accessed through popup menus => leaner user interface with more functionality
    • Lightweight, streamlined HTML => faster download speeds, faster usage
    • Group settings can be exported and imported (e.g. to transfer a set of sensors to another installation or to import large lists of URLs)
    • Multiple skin support (2 skins included)
    • Many smaller enhancements throughout the WebGUI and the Windows GUI
    • New: Mobile GUI for Pocket PCs
  • New and Improved Sensor Types
    • Native MS SQL database server sensor
    • Native Oracle SQL database server sensor
    • Native MySQL database server sensor
    • Advanced SNMP Sensors now come with a new, huge OID library, support for Paessler SNMP Helper, and an optional setting for the device's SNMP port
    • HTTP sensors now support NTLM authentication
  • Reporting
    • Report Emails now support HTML and show more detailed reporting (e.g. includes uptime/downtime now)
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly email reports can be requested at any time or at specific dates
    • Direct access to graphs for last 48 hours/10 days/30 days
    • Improved graphical reports (e.g. various graph sizes, new graph type "request time distribution")
    • Optional daily export of the monitoring results into the Firebird SQL database for custom reporting
  • Monitoring
    • New: "Scan this sensor now" to scan one sensor immediately
    • New: "Traceroute to Server" interactively shows the traceroute to a server
    • New: Remote Probes can now also be used through NAT firewalls
    • New: Communication between server and Remote Probe is now fully encrypted
    • New: Strongly fortified server/probe communication, e.g. access to a remote probe can be limited to specific IPs
    • New Notification Type: Sends a request to a HTTP URL
    • New: Paessler SNMP Helper is now included with the IPCheck download for free
  • New "ISP Edition"
    • Contains a number of advanced user management features for using IPCheck Server Monitor as a hosted service for your customers (e.g. to enable specific sensor types per user)

April 19th 2005

March 7th 2005 - Version (Last V4 release)

  • New: Added two new options for SMS gateway services for SMS notifications (now supports, and
  • New: URLs of the HTTP-Transaction sensor are automatically added with "http://" if omitted
  • Fix: Memory fragmentation problem (caused empty report mails on larger installations)
  • Fix: WinGUI couldn't find helpfile sometimes
  • Fix: Rare deadlock/lockup possibility removed