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Monitor the condition of your properties
with Paessler Building Monitor

Paessler is known for its over 20 years of monitoring experience, and we’re putting
all of it into action with Paessler Building Monitor. It keeps monitoring buildings simple
while at the same time ensuring performance, clarity, and ease of use.


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Condition monitoring with Paessler Building Monitor:
anytime, anywhere, without any programming skills


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Digitalization of properties

State-of-the-art facilities are highly digitalized. The availability of building data is at the core of this digitalization. Monitoring makes real estate more profitable for stakeholders and more livable for residents. Paessler Building Monitor is based on a Software as a Service that is managed and operated by Paessler, who is best known for PRTG Network Monitor.

Paessler Building Monitor is a convenient way of monitoring the condition of a property. It’s scalable, easy to implement, and doesn’t require any programming skills. 




This is Paessler Building Monitor


Paessler Building Monitor is a new solution made by Paessler that can be customized based on different requirements. No matter what features we add to our solution in the
future or what solutions we specifically create for individual objectives, these features already make
Paessler Building Monitor unique:

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Easy-to-use and fast setup

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 Custom use case templates

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 Vendor-agnostic device integration

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 Helpful alerts and

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 Fast and informative insights

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This is how Paessler Building Monitor works




Connect IoT devices to our solution with an easy-to-use wizard. Predefined use case templates give you real added value regarding practical applications and provide powerful insights. You can build upon preconfigured thresholds to set alerts and notifications to always know about the current condition of your properties and to secure the value of your assets. Furthermore, it’s easy to export data for further processing.

With our solution, no programming skills are required!



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Get to know Paessler
Building Monitor in detail 

We’d like to show you exactly what Paessler Building Monitor has to offer and how our customers
already implement it to achieve their goals. If you’re interested in using Paessler Building Monitor,
you can easily get in contact with us.




Our feature set does not only include an easy setup and a functionality that doesn’t require any programming skills – it offers much more.

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Use cases

Various companies already monitor their facilities with Paessler Building Monitor. Check out our growing list of use cases. 

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Are you intrigued? Do you want to get Paessler Building Monitor right now? Get in contact with us and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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Integration Partners

Upon request, our IoT experts will help you select
and integrate your sensors and gateways.


m2m Germany

Support from planning to commissioning of a LoRaWAN network by established LoRa full service provider – best network integration for condition monitoring.

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Compatible Computer Solutions

Many factors determine the success of a future-oriented property management – project planning with competence and foresight for professional condition monitoring.

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Smart City System Parking Solutions

IoT expertise for your parking monitoring − sensor-based parking data collection in combination with condition monitoring solution reveals optimization potentials

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Comprehensive strategic consulting, planning, and support for the digitalization of companies – customer-oriented integration of condition monitoring into digital ecosystems.

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Germany-wide LoRaWAN network – the best connectivity for IoT monitoring applications in digital building management and other areas.

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Technology Partners

Partnering with leading IT vendors, Paessler ensures the best know-how
and support for monitoring their devices and applications.


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