How to use the IPCheck Mobile GUI

We integrated the functionallity of IPCheck Server Monitor into PRTG. The successor of IPCheck is PRTG Network Monitor. Customers with an active maintenance plan can download the new installer in our updates center.

After installation please find the IPCheck Mobile GUI in your programs folder on your mobile device and start the application. You will see the dialog shown on the right. Please choose between HTTP and HTTPS, enter your servername, port, login email address and password. Finally click on Connect to get started.

Using the IPCheck Mobile GUI you can access the status of your sensors from most PocketPC devices on the go. This small software for PocketWindows connects to your IPCheck server via the HTTP protocol, downloads the latest data of your groups, sensors and notifications and shows the data in a treelist.


  • Mobile access to the status of your sensors
  • Connects to your IPCheck Server via GPRS, GSM, WLAN or through your PCs internet connection
  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS
  • For each sensor the status, last message, last request time and the interval is shown
  • A list of the most recent notifications is shown
  • Sensorlist can contain Up, Down and/or Paused sensors
Your PDA will now connect to the Internet and after a few seconds you should see the list of your servers and sensors. You can use the "+" and "-" symbols to fold/unfold the server/sensor list. Click a sensor once to show additional information about the status of the sensor.
If you click on a sensor for 2 seconds a popup menu will be shown and you can choose "Show Chart" to see a chart of the most recent activity.
In the "View" menu you can find various options to change the way the list of sensors is shown.

System Requirements

  • Works with most PocketPCs (tested with Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition and Windows Mobile 2005)
  • Requires the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 on your mobile device.
  • See the .NET Compact Framework FAQ on the MSDN website for more information (e.g. how to find out the framework version installed in your device)


Please download the installer from the IPCheck Server Monitor download page and run the setup routine. During the installation your PDA must be connected to the PC and MS ActiveSync must already be loaded.