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Webserver Burn-In Test

Testing a server with constant load for 8 hours

"Burn-in" tests are used to test web servers with a given load over several hours (or even days). In this test 3.000 users access the homepage (static HTML file of 7kb) of an IIS6 server every 10 seconds.

This chart shows the protocol times during this test. The values are:

  • Click Time: Complete time for a simulated mouse click of a user sending a request to the server and immediately requesting any necessary redirects, frames and images.
  • Time to First Byte: Time between initiating a request to the server and receiving the first byte of data from the server.
  • Time to Connect: Time to set up a connection to the server.
  • Time for DNS Time to resolve a URL's domain name using the client system's current DNS server.

Test Results

Maximum Pageviews ~1.070.000 pageviews per hour
Maximum Server Bandwidth ~15.000 kBit/s


wst7 eng


Test Setup

Test Type TIME (test runs for a given time)
Number of Users 3.000
Click Delay 10 sec
Tested Web Server DELL Dimension, 1.5 Ghz Intel P4, 400 MB RAM, Windows 2003 Small Business Server, IIS6 (out-of-the-box installation)
Test Client DELL Poweredge 750, 2.8 GHz Intel XEON (Hyperthreading), 2 GB RAM, Windows 2003 Server, (out-of-the-box installation) (running Webserver Stress Tool)