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SNMP Based Monitoring Using PRTG

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is the most basic method of gathering bandwidth and network usage data. The SNMP software PRTG Network Monitor can be used for SNMP based monitoring. But PRTG is more than just SNMP software: the network monitor tool also supports packet sniffing and NetFlow monitoring. However, of the three monitoring methods supported by PRTG, SNMP monitoring creates the least CPU and network load.

SNMP software can be used to monitor bandwidth usage of routers and switches on a port-by-port basis, as well as device readings such as memory, CPU load, disk usage, temperatures etc.

The SNMP software queries the devices (e.g. routers, switches, printers and servers) for the traffic counters of each port with quite small data packets. These are triggering reply packets from the device.

Thus, the PRTG SNMP software is the perfect tool for uptime and downtime monitoring, as well as for bandwidth monitoring. It gives you an overview of your network and will alert you whenever something goes wrong, so that you can react and troubleshoot proactively. And it gives you peace of mind – as long as there are no alarms, you know that your network is performing as it should.

Get the SNMP Software for free

PRTG Network Monitor is available in two editions. The Free Edition with 30 sensors may be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use completely free of charge. Need more sensors to monitor a larger IT infrastructure? See our commercial licenses here.

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