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  • Network monitoring tool for professionals
  • Installed in a few minutes
  • Automatically discovers your entire network
  • Tool monitors your network 24/7
  • Alerts you before emergencies occur
  • Used by 150,000 administrators worldwide

PRTG fits into any budget and grows with your needs. Try the PRTG Network Monitoring Tool now and see how it can make your network more reliable and your job easier.

Everything you need is contained in one simple installer, no additional downloads are required.

We make it simple for you, now and later!


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Network monitoring made easy with the PRTG Tool

Thomas, BD Manager at Paessler AG

Monitor Your Network With the Network Monitoring Tool PRTG

PRTG is a network monitoring tool that helps you to ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly and that no outages occur.
Network monitoring is also important to increase the efficiency of your network by knowing bandwidth and resource consumption.
With over 150,000 active installations, PRTG Network Monitor is Paessler's powerful and widely-used network monitoring software.

How our Network Monitoring Software Will Help You to Optimize Your Network Infrastructure

You should use PRTG if you would like to:

  • Increase profits by avoiding losses caused by undetected system failures.
  • Reduce costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to actual load.
  • Eliminate server performance problems and bandwidth bottlenecks.
  • Improve quality of service through being proactive.

Requirements For a Network Monitoring Tool

A good network monitor should be easy to install and usage should be intuitive, so that there is no need for external consultancy and training. Further necessary requirements are:

  • Remote Management via web browser, PocketPC, or Windows client
  • Notifications of outages by email, ICQ, pager/SMS, and more.
  • Comprehensive sensor type selection
  • Multiple location monitoring
  • All common methods for network usage data acquisition (SNMP, Packet Sniffing, Xflow) ought to be supported.

Knowing What to Monitor

The mere implementation of a network monitor is not enough. The key to effective network monitoring is to ensure that the chosen tool has been configured to monitor what are essentially a network's vital signs: availability, speed and usage.

Monitoring network availability allows both internal and external parties to access the services, including websites and you can determine whether the mail servers and leased lines are working.

Monitoring network speed with bandwidth monitoring prevents your websites and network services from losing visitors or frustrate users due to slow-loading pages, files or images.

Finally, usage monitoring enables you to accurately assess CPU load and learn just what sort of work the servers are doing at times of different the day.

How to Set up the PRTG Network Monitoring Tool

With the various infrastructure options in use today it can sometimes be difficult to decide which monitoring technology is right to solve your problem. PRTG offers unified IT monitoring that is intuitive to use. The autodiscovery of our free bandwidth meter makes the setup quick and easy. With its preconfigured device templates, it selects the appropriate sensor settings for servers, applications and network devices. Of course you can configure PRTG manually, too.

Download the free 30 day trial network monitoring tool. The trial supports unlimited sensors!

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