Smartphone Apps for PRTG

Smartphone Applications for Mobile Network Monitoring

Our apps make it possible to monitor your network while on the go. If you are using the PRTG network monitoring software
from Paessler, all you need is a current smartphone or tablet using Android, iOS, or Windows as operating system or
a BlackBerry. With the according app you can check your network performance from anywhere.

PRTG for Android

PRTG for Android runs on all Android based smartphones or tablets using OS 4.0 or later

It shows your PRTG installation in a mobile friendly way. Regardless of whether you use this app on a high resolution 10'' tablet or on your mobile phone - data display always adapts to your screen size, so you see as much information as possible at a glance. You can review monitoring data, run auto-discovery, set favorites and priorities, and you can achieve many other everyday network monitoring tasks.

In addition, helpful network tools come along with PRTG for Android. You can use them even without connecting to a PRTG core server.


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PRTG for iOS

PRTG for iOS is a native iOS application that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iOS 6 or later)

It connects to your PRTG installation using the PRTG API and features background notifications including sounds and/or vibration, status bar, device lists, sensor lists, alarms lists, quick access to maps and reports, and support for multiple servers and multiple accounts. You can also perform several actions like pausing and resuming monitoring, acknowledging alarms, performing instant network scans (check now), setting priorities and favorites, and many more.


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PRTG for Windows Phone

PRTG for Windows Phone connects to your installation of PRTG Network Monitor from wherever you are. You can review monitoring data, set priorities and favorites, pause and resume monitoring, work with the tickets system, and perform many other everday network monitoring tasks on your Windows Phone device. This app runs on Windows Phone 8.0 or later.


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PRTG for BlackBerry BETA

PRTG for BlackBerry brings the power of the PRTG Network Monitor interface to your BlackBerry 10.2 devices (or higher). It includes most of the functions as PRTG for Android (except network tools and home screen widgets).


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You don't have one of these devices?

With all other mobile devices, you can still use the "Mini HTML" interface build into PRTG. For more information, please see the PRTG manual Mobile Web GUI.

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