IP Traffic Monitor

Monitor Network Traffic Using the PRTG IP Traffic Monitor

High traffic caused by a single IP can be the reason for bottlenecks and entire network traffic jams. An IP traffic monitor identifies problems and helps to optimize the network in general.

PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive IP traffic monitor for Windows networks. Besides SNMP, packet sniffing and NetFlow monitoring, the Windows network monitor PRTG also offers lots of features for enhanced bandwidth, usage, and availability monitoring, and wireless network troubleshooting.

Not only do PRTG's Packet Sniffing and NetFlow sensors measure the total bandwidth usage, they also break down the traffic by IP address, port, protocol, and other parameters. The network monitor analyzer shows the results in so-called "toplists", enabling you to discern which IP address, connection or protocol is accountable for most bandwidth usage. The IP traffic monitor looks at all network packets (or streams) and collects the bandwidth information for all IP addresses, ports and protocols.

IP Traffic Monitoring Using NetFlow

For Cisco devices supporting the NetFlow protocol, it is also possible to set up IP traffic monitoring using the NetFlow add-on for PRTG Network Monitor. NetFlow keeps track of the bandwidth usage of the network. It then forwards pre-aggregated data to the network port monitor for analyzing and monitoring purposes.

This option puts much less load on the devices and the server running the PRTG bandwidth viewer. It is therefore recommended for IP traffic monitoring in high traffic networks.

Download the IP Traffic Monitor Now

PRTG is available in two editions. For basic, free bandwidth tracking and availability monitoring, the Freeware Edition may be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use completely free of charge. For more advanced needs see our commercial licenses here.


However, PRTG is more than an IP traffic monitor for Windows. The network monitoring solution by Paessler lets you monitor latency jitter, run a server performance test, and is a powerful SQL server monitor. PRTG is an innovative and user-friendly alternative to MRTG.

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