PRTG Network Monitor is the powerful network monitoring solution by Paessler AG. For basic monitoring needs, Paessler offers a free version of PRTG. The free network monitor covers all aspects of Windows network monitoring: uptime monitoring, traffic and usage monitoring, SNMP, packet sniffing, website monitoring, internet ping test, and more. Combined with its concise reporting and analysis features, PRTG offers one clear and simple solution for your entire network. The free network monitoring software supports 30 sensors, which is often enough to monitor a home network or a small company network.

Troubleshoot Your Network With the Free Network Monitor

PRTG is also an essential tool for network troubleshooting: the free network monitor tool shows you your network data at a glance, brings possible issues to your attention and alerts you if a network device is down, if connection problems occur or if anything else is affecting your network's performance.

Free Bandwidth Monitoring

PRTG tracks your bandwidth usage and helps you to prevent network bottlenecks. SNMP can be used for basic bandwidth tracking. For more advanced bandwidth analysis, PRTG's packet sniffers show you used bandwidth broken down by port, protocol or IP address, letting you determine bandwidth usage by application or computer.

Professional Network Monitoring Solutions

For more advanced monitoring needs, including NetFlow monitoring, you can order a Commercial Edition

Paessler also offers a powerful web server load stress test tool - click here to download the free trial version.

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