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Please find the latest manual for PRTG Network Monitor here:

PRTG Network Monitor offers a broad range of monitoring technologies for your network:

  • Support for TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP
  • SNMP V1, V2c, V3
    • Traffic monitoring using 32 and 64 bit counters
    • Monitors any OID numerical value on any SNMP device
    • Various MIBs included, Custom MIB Import
  • WMI
    • WMI CPU Load: Measures CPU load of a system (total and per CPU).
    • WMI Memory: Displays free system memory (MB and %).
    • WMI Disk Free: Free disk space on fixed drives (MB and %, per drive).
    • WMI Volume: Monitors free disk space on Volumes.
    • WMI Network Card: Measures traffic going through network cards.
    • WMI Page File: Checks the usage of the Windows page file.
    • WMI Service: Checks if a service is running and optionally restarts a service if it is not running.
    • WMI Process: Monitors a single process.
    • WMI Event Log Sensor: Monitors a system’s application, system and security event log for specific events.
    • WMI File: Monitors file size and existence, as well as changes to a file via WMI.
    • WMI Custom: Performs a custom WMI query.
    • WMI Vital System Data: Users can select from more than 20 different vital Windows System parameters (CPU: Percent Processor Time, CPU: Processor Queue Length, CPU: Processor Percent Privileged Time, CPU: Processor Percent User Time, Thread Context Switches, Memory: Free Physical Memory, Memory: Total Visible Memory, Memory: Pages/sec, Memory: Page Faults/sec, Memory: Page Reads/sec, Memory: Page Writes/sec, Memory: Pool Nonpaged bytes, Pagefile Usage, Disk: Percent Disk Time, Disk: Current Disk Queue Length, Disk: Reads/sec, Disk: Writes/sec, Network: Bytes Total/sec, Network: Bytes Received/sec, Network: Bytes Sent/sec, Server: Bytes Total/sec, Server: Bytes Received/sec, Server: Bytes Sent/sec, etc.)
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
    • SNMP
    • WMI
    • NetFlow (V5, V9)
    • sFlow
    • packet sniffing
  • Web servers
    • Monitors any URL via the HTTP/HTTPS protocol
    • Transaction monitoring: Monitors a sequence of URLs (e.g. shopping cart checkout)
    • Content monitoring: Monitors a return value provided by a HTTP request
    • Full Web Page monitoring: Measures the full download time of a webpage including images
  • File servers
    • shares
    • volumes
    • files
    • folders
    • Windows File Sharing/Samba
    • FTP
    • SMART disk status
  • Mail Servers
  • Network infrastructure
    • PING
    • Port
    • Remote Desktop
    • RADIUS
    • DNS
    • Syslog
    • SNMP Trap
  • VoIP performance
    • Cisco® IP-SLA
    • built-in QoS measurement
  • Virtual Servers (host and client)
    • VMware® (2.0, ESX, VSphere, Virtual Center)
    • Hyper-V® Server
    • Amazon® EC2 via CloudWatch®
  • Sensor Factory: Make-your-own sensor based on measurements of other sensors; successor to the "Aggregation Sensor" in PRTG 6 (see blog entry "The Sensor Factory")
  • Custom Sensor: Users can create their own sensor types using scripting and programming languages, as well as custom WQL (WMI Query Language) scripts. Various samples included. See here for more information on our Customer Sensors...


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