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PRTG for Android is a free Android app that connects your smartphone or tablet to your PRTG installation.

PRTG for Android brings the power of the PRTG Network Monitor interface to your Android 4.0 or later devices. With this app you can keep an eye on your network from anywhere at any time. All you need is an Android phone or tablet, or a Kindle Fire. The app supports checking multiple accounts in the background and can alert you whenever new alarms occur in any account.

Regardless of whether you use PRTG for Android on a high resolution 10" tablet or on your mobile phone—data display always adapts to your screen size, so you see as much information as possible at a glance. You can review monitoring data, run auto-discovery, set favorites and priorities, and you can achieve many other everyday network monitoring tasks.

In addition, helpful network tools come along with PRTG for Android. You can use them even without connecting to a PRTG core server.


PRTG for Android - Tutorial

This short tutorial shows you how easily you can manage your PRTG installation with our PRTG app for Android. So you can even monitor your network when you're on the go!

Transcript - PRTG for Android App

Hi and welcome to the PRTG for Android app tutorial. The PRTG for Android app is installed just like any other app would be from the App Store.

And once installed you can click on the shortcut on your desktop. Once you have an account added you'll be able to see the device to review in this view that you see here. You gonna go to a specific sensor or channel you just click on the device and click through to the channel specifically. 

You can see the different sensors for this device and if you wanna see the graph the data for anyone specifically you can click on that as well. Once you get to the sensor you can see other statistical information and you can see the PRTG interface, you can see your gauges and you can see the values for each one of them.         
The size you looking at the sensor in PRTG for Android at the very bottom you can see the buttons for the different graphs for the sensor. If you click on the buttons it will show you the graph in full screen view. The next thing that you can do with the PRTG for Android app is you can actually set the priority for each sensor and if it's a favorite or not.

So once you have your sensors favored, you can actually go to the menu and click on your favorite sensors and it will show up right there. Also the menu you can click on the actual red sensors in your PRTG installation if you wanna see which senses are actually an error state.
If you have a red sensor that's in an error state and you need to acknowledge it positive anything else you can do it from the menu as well. You can click on the acknowledge checkbox and acknowledge it forever long you need to or you can check the POS box for the same thing. You can also give it a definition as to why.        
To the PRTG for Android app you can also see the maps. You click on a menu and then go to maps you can see all the various maps that you have set up and showing them that you want on your Android phone. Here's one that we've customized for the Android phone itself. Here you can see our entire biosphere infrastructure with the CPU usage of the actual VMware device itself, along with the ping the RDP, the Disc Free, Pagefile usage and so on.       

 Again using the menu you can go down and go to your tickets. Here you can see the different tickets that are assigned to different people and if you want to you can click on them and add it and assign them as well.

Something else that is available in the PRTG for Android app are the notification settings. Here you can actually go in and say when you want to have an alarm actually set off on your Android device or not and it's going to blink the LED and so on and so forth. You can also set up notifications for tickets.        

With the PRTG for Android app you can connect multiple instances of PRTG as well. Here you can see  that we have two setups to add an account: All you have to do is click on Add Account, input the information and you have the new installation up.
Here you can see how we click on it, here's all the information for the other one. You go to your side menu and then click on the other instance. Then you go to somewhere what you have the very beginning at  the tutorial. One of the unique things about the PRTG for Android app is that also includes some network tools.
You go to your side menu, click on network tools - you can see the various tools that are available. So you can while you're on the go  you can do things like Ping, Traceroute, DNS lookup in a Raw HTTP requests.        

Another feature of the Android app is that you can go to channel specifically for any sensor you can hold down, long click it and so use this channel as a widget. Once you have set that up your widget channel you can go to your Widgets and pull it directly on to your Android's desktop.         

So the other widgets that we have there you can display all the PRTG alarms in this way a specific channel value as a small box or you can use the channel gauge like we should before. There is also a global status widget as well. For the PRTG for Android tablet application there's one extra feature that isn't on the the phone version - it's called the dashboard! You could click on the dashboard you to display a very statistics directly from PRTG signal but I look at the wall or something like that and get all the information that is important to the installation.        

The last feature for the PRTG for Android app is that we also included the sunscreen. This is similar to the dashboard but if you have the device or Android device amounted to a docking station or something like that you can turn on the sunscreen for the device and this will pop up and show you the status for PRTG.    

We hope that you enjoyed the PRTG for Android app  that we've built for you and hope that helps you on your network more effectively and seamlessly.        

Thanks for your time.    



  • Connectivity: PRTG for Android connects to PRTG servers using HTTPS or HTTP over VPN, mobile networks, or WiFi/wireless LAN.
  • Flexibility: Multiple accounts support to query different server/login combinations. Switch easily between different accounts to quickly view monitoring data of several installations and/or accounts.
  • Versatility: The app can check all accounts, or only specific ones, automatically in the configured polling interval and notify you in your device's status bar whenever there are alarms for one of them.
  • Interactivity: Configure when you want to be notified: either when there is one or more alarms, or when there is a certain number of new alarms, or when the number of alarms counted has increased since the last check. Configure notifications via the system status bar with ringtone and/or vibration (triggered for new notifications). You can even ignore "Warning" or "Unusual" states in the alarm counter, and set up notifications based on priority.
  • Show Data: The app works with your PRTG core server to show you your device tree, sensor lists, sensor data, maps, libraries, logs—everything, in a familiar Android way. You can even add sensor gauges, as well as the global sensor status, as widgets to your home screen. Data display automatically adapts to your screen size, so you see as much information as possible at a glance.
  • Perform Actions: Many features of PRTG's web interface are available: You can acknowledge alarms, pause and resume sensors, set priorities and favorites, run device auto-discovery, scan your network status instantly, work with the ticket system, etc. In addition, QR code scanning makes it easy to jump directly to a sensor or to the login with an existing user account.
  • Network Tools: PRTG for Android provides network tools such as ping, traceroute, DNS, raw HTTP, and MAC address lookups. You can use them even without connecting to a PRTG server.


Download the App for Android

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System Requirements

Android Version: You need Android 4.0 or later to install the app (or a Kindle Fire HD). Home screen widgets are available only on Android 4.1 or later. And, of course, the QR scanner won't be available on Kindle Fire.

Hardware: So far we have tested the all-new app on the latest Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Kindle Fire HD devices. But we're confident that it will run smoothly on your device, too.

PRTG Core Server: The core server you connect to requires PRTG version 13.1 or later. To use the search function of the app the respective core server needs to run PRTG 13.x.4 or later. The core server also needs to be reachable from the network your device is connected to - either directly, or via a VPN connection.

Note: Our previous Android app, "PRTGdroid," will be discontinued. However, you can of course still use it.


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