Updates are new versions of the software that can be downloaded for free and used with your existing license key. Upgrades are paid-for new versions that require a new, discounted purchase, a new download and a new license key.

Your options for upgrading/updating your Paessler product depend on the original version that you purchased initially and the maintenance terms that apply to your purchase(s).

Updates for Products With Maintenance

While your maintenance plan is still active, you can download all updates for free. You can always prolong your maintenance period for a fee, too.

Please log in to our customer service center with the email address you used for your purchase. You should then see all licenses you purchased and can request a download link for the versions, the license key, and all coupon codes available.

If you do not remember the email address you used for your purchase, please contact us at sales@paessler.com with the details for your purchase (the Paessler order number makes it easy for us to locate your purchase in the database).

Upgrading From Older Products or to Higher Licenses

You can request a discount, if 

  • you wish to upgrade from an older product, which is not covered by maintenance, to a current version of the software.
  • you want to upgrade to a higher license. You just pay the price difference of the two licenses.

To receive the discount please login at our updates center. All coupon codes and order links for discounted upgrades, that apply to you, are available there.

Please understand that we do not support and offer downloads for legacy products (2 version number before the current) anymore. But there are still upgrade discounts available.

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