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What is Network And System Uptime?

The term "uptime" is used to determine the time a computer system has been functional. In network terms it is defined by the availability of a server, device or site. In individual computer terms it is defined by the reliability and stability of the individual sytem. Uptime is most often measured in percentages, so an uptime of 90% for a day would mean that the system worked properly for 1296 minutes (21.6 hours).


Main Features for Uptime Monitoring:

  • Reliable IPCheck technology
  • Easy to setup, administer, use and understand
  • Remotely accessible via a web based interface
  • Runs as a service
  • Notifies of network issues by popup, email, ICQ, pager or SMS message
  • Comprehensive sensor type selection
  • Customizable sensors and notifications
  • Multi location monitoring using Remote Probes
  • and much more.


Simply install the software on your own systems, and start monitoring your network uptime in less than five minutes.

There is a freeware version and a free trial version of our free network monitor software available to get you started right now.

Read more about how the features of PRTG Network Monitor can help you achieve 100% network uptime here.

Why Uptime Monitoring is Important!

Networks require several reliable devices in order to work properly. Uptime monitoring software controls and monitors the availability of each single device and alerts the administrator when a system fails - usually through email or SMS.

Uptime monitoring software can also be used to determine where issues may arise in future within a network and to proactively monitor the activity within said network, allowing administrators to balance loads or to consider purchasing options and plan upgrades. The simplest way is to use PING sensors at specified intervals. Good monitoring solutions offer many more sensor types for uptime monitoring so that services, websites, and applications can also be checked for uptime statistics.

If you have a network or web-based business, 100% uptime is more than an abstract goal or vision. If your network or website is offline, communication and collaboration will stop, your sales machine will grind to a halt, and your company will stop making money.

Uptime Monitoring in PRTG Works as Follows:


SNMP System Uptime SensorSNMP System Uptime Sensor

Click here to enlarge: http://media.paessler.com/prtg-screenshots/snmp_system_uptime.png

Windows System Uptime SensorWindows System Uptime Sensor

Click here to enlarge: http://media.paessler.com/prtg-screenshots/windows_system_uptime.png

Network Uptime is Essential

The importance of having and maintaining a constant and reliable network can, therefore, never be underestimated. Network uptime is essential.

Network monitoring, however, is not just about knowing when your system has failed. It's about identifying minor problems and performance issues before they become critical. Besides to notify the administrator on a system downtime, bandwidth management and bandwidth usage monitoring plays an important role if it comes to ensure your network's performance and uptime.

In order to do so, and achieve your goal of 100% network uptime, it's necessary to use an efficient, powerful and reliable solution for monitoring your network, and one that is as comprehensive as it is easy to use.

Uptime Monitoring With PRTG Network Monitor


As such, PRTG Network Monitor continuously records the bandwidth usage of data packages transferred to or downloaded from the servers. This way you can check if the bandwidth capacity is being used to its full extend. The tool can create graphs of several network usage parameters and statistics on the traffic amount showing the server's total load.

PRTG Network Monitor checks the availability of your servers and other network devices such as routers, switches, servers, etc.... and notifies the system administrator immediately when outages occur.

PRTG Network Monitor supports a wide variety of sensor types and creates detailed uptime monitoring reports. These reports are as well suitable to prove overall network uptime to the senior managment as to convince your service provider, that the SLAs were not met.

However, network monitoring software comprises not only tools for uptime monitoring and downtime monitoring but also usage monitoring since intense usage of network bandwidth can be the reason for unavailability or system errors.

PRTG - Quick Overview

by Kimberley, Product Evangelist

See how PRTG looks like and learn how it works. Good for a first impression of PRTG. Helps also for a quick start if you're a new user.

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Purchase Your Uptime Monitoring Software

You can test our uptime monitoring software with the 30-Day-Trial-Edition.

The Freeware Edition of  is completely free for personal and commercial use and may be downloaded at no cost. The Commercial Editions are required if you want to monitor more than 100 sensors.


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