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Sure, we could praise PRTG all day long. But we prefer others doing it. That is why we publish tests by experts
or customer feedback here. Maybe you want to know what others think of PRTG, too.

Customer Review Milan 2014

Customers' Review at VMworld San Francisco 2015

We love PRTG!View video (01:20 min. english)

Why customers recommend PRTGView video (00:53 min. english)

How PRTG makes the lives of its users easierView video (00:34 min. english)

See how our customers use PRTGView video (00:54 min. english)

Curious why our customers switched to PRTG?View video (00:51 min. english)

Invincible with PRTG - like Chuck NorrisView video (00:44 min. english)

Why Customers Like PRTG

Customers' Review at IP Expo London and VMworld Barcelona in 2014

That is why customers like PRTGView video (01:19 min. english)

PRTG monitors your network and so much moreView video (01:21 min. english)

What PRTG and a McLaren have in commonView video (01:44 min. english)

Customers' Review at Cisco Live Milan 2014

These customers would recommend PRTGView video (00:53 min.)

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