Monitoring Insights

Stay on top of monitoring trends and best practices

Monitoring for

Have you recently started your own business? Is it growing and growing? Congratulations! And now comes the challange to keep this growth going on. The first step is to ensure that every process, and all the IT behind it, runs smoothly. That is why the monitoring of your IT infrastructure is one of your crucial business success factors.

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How and why migrate to the Cloud

Are you thinking about migrating to the cloud but still have some questions? What are the benefits? How does this influence your daily business? How you should get started? Here you can find useful insights and tips about what a medium-sized company needs to know about the cloud and the best way to monitor cloud services to ensure the best performance.

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Shadow IT –
Lurking in Your Network 

Shadow IT – a concept becomes a household word. IT that is used outside of the official infrastructure of a company or without clearance from administrators is becoming more and more prevalent. From private smartphones and USB sticks to new cloud services, to private printers brought into the office: Shadow IT takes on many forms.

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Meta Security – Is your
security really secure? 

Many hot trends in IT follow the trajectory of a firework on the Fourth of July: A loud bang, burst of light and it's over. Security is not one of those trends. Since the early days of networking, IT-security has been a critical issue, and that remains true now more than ever. In 2015, a survey conducted by Paessler revealed that 58% of all surveyed IT administrators named security as one of their key tasks and constant challenges.

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Website Performance –
It's time to get in shape 

Year after year, websites are getting more and more comprehensive – and as a result, they are becoming slower. This process happens so gradually that most administrators aren’t even aware of it until it becomes an acute problem. It’s time to whip your website into shape! Whether peak season or not: continuous, sustainable improvement is what counts.