SNMP Monitoring With PRTG Network Monitor

Why SNMP Monitoring is Important

The Simple Network Management Protocol is a set of standards for communication with devices in a TCP/IP network. Most devices support SNMP and can be monitored with a suitable SNMP monitoring tool.

SNMP Monitoring is the easiest way to collect usage of networks by monitoring the ports of routers and switches. But many other parameters such as disk space or SNMP memory usage of servers can be controlled by SNMP monitoring. A good SNMP monitoring software allows you to set thresholds and notifies you via email, text messages, pager, etc...,  if bandwidth usage or disk space usage exceeds these limits.

Test SNMP Monitoring for Free

PRTG Network Monitor combines a number of essential network diagnostic tools. You can easily set up and test SNMP monitoring with PRTG. Just download either the freeware or the fully functional 30 day trial of PRTG Network Monitor. You will have the first SNMP monitoring results within minutes.

Benefits of SNMP Monitoring

Understanding bandwidth and resource consumption is the key to better network management. SNMP monitoring helps to

  • Avoid bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks
  • Find out what applications or what servers are using up your bandwidth
  • Monitor SNMP memory usage
  • Deliver better quality of service to your users by being proactive
  • Reduce costs by buying bandwidth and hardware according to actual load

“Thanks to SNMP monitoring with PRTG I was able to point to massive performance increases, and show that the CPU's were no longer under constant high use, thereby future-proofing the solution” says David Busby, system administrator at Boughey Distribution Ltd, a large UK based warehousing and distribution company.

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