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PORTLAND, Ore. and NUREMBERG, Germany – July 29, 2008— Paessler AG, a world leader in network monitoring tools, today announced the company has made available a new whitepaper, titled, “The Place of Network Visibility in IT Operational Risk Management.” Available free as a download, the whitepaper offers IT organizations a three-step approach to help IT organizations identify, rate and plan an operational risk mitigation strategy. In the process, it outlines the business case for network monitoring as a key component to that strategy.

“It’s important to carefully strike a balance with risk management to achieve maximum risk mitigation at minimal cost,” said Dirk Paessler, founder and CEO of Paessler AG.

“Paessler’s software enables IT organizations to efficiently utilize resources in the planning and execution of a risk mitigation strategy by offering more detailed visibility into critical parts of their networks.”

Paessler’s whitepaper demystifies the risk management planning exercise by outlining three informal steps which include listing and ranking risks according to business cost, pricing mitigation and multi-year planning.

It also recommends integrating risk management with the larger IT picture rather than making it an isolated exercise, an error that many risk managers sometimes make.

Paessler Network Solutions for Risk Management

Paessler offers a complete network monitoring suite that has been re-architected to an optimal technological base for improved functionality, efficiency and usability.  The tools are used by small-to-medium businesses as well as large enterprises to provide more detailed visibility into critical parts of networks. 

The tools include PRTG Network Monitor, an easy-to-use Windows application for monitoring and classifying network traffic and usage. PRTG Network Monitor combines the capabilities of Paessler’s former products, Paessler Router Traffic Grapher and IPCheck Server Monitor into one offering. Other products from Paessler include SNMP Helper, to enable PRTG to collect detailed performance information on Windows servers and workstations; and Webserver Stress Tool, a powerful HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical performance issues on a Web site or Web server that may obstruct delivery of an optimal user experience.

Using Paessler network monitoring software, network managers can gain valuable insight to affect changes that reduce server and bandwidth bottlenecks, identify which applications or servers hog bandwidth, strategically plan infrastructure upgrades, deliver better service to both external and internal customers, and reduce network costs by matching expenditures with actual bandwidth needs.

Paessler Network Monitoring solutions can be purchased through the Paessler online store at https://shop.paessler.com/

Freeware and Free Trail versions of all products are also available at https://www.paessler.com/download

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