November 25, 2019 - Source: disruptivetechasean

Paessler launches public BETA of BitDecoder to translate IoT data from Sigfox 0G devices into visual formats

"Paessler AG, the monitoring specialist, announces the launch of its BitDecorder – a SaaS application that decodes payloads from Sigfox 0G-connected devices.

BitDecoder takes encoded payload data from Sigfox 0G-connected IoT devices and transforms it into a visual and more easily readable format, namely a decoded JSON format. It is designed to help organisations structure, market and decode complex payloads more simply and efficiently.

Benefits of BitDecoder:

  • Highly visual format – transforms encoded hexadecimal payload into decoded JSON format
  • Saves time using pre-defined device templates – the BitDecoder comes with many templates for multiple devices saving development time and effort
  • No programming skills are required – simple selection of the device type from a template list
  • Hosted infrastructure – no need for a dedicated machine and its associated maintenance costs
  • Easy to maintain and customisable – cloning and editing templates can be created to meet specific project needs. [...]"

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