FAQ Partner Program and
Deal Registration


With the introduction of deal registration, our partner business will be more financially rewarding for individual sales reps, allow for more and better assistance from Paessler and ensure the work our valued partners carry out is protected from aggressive market pricing.

Is the deal reg discount dependent on partner level?

Yes, the additional discount offered will vary depending on your partner status. Please see the partner program documentation for details on requirements and benefits.

What are the partner levels?

Paessler Partners will be classified as Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Please see the partner program documentation for details on requirements and benefits of each level.

Do I have to sign a contractual agreement?

Yes, in order to benefit from our deal registration program, you will need to sign our partner agreement

But I sell only 1 or 2 licenses a year, I don't really want to sign a contractual agreement for such a small amount of business.

By signing the partner contract you agree to "actively sell" PRTG and 1-2 licenses per year does not constitute active selling. Sporadic partners will be assigned "Paessler Standard Partner" status, for which there is no requirement to sign an agreement. Partners that have a low volume of business can also approach our distribution channel for a local partner.

Do I need certification (Technical / Sales) to reach higher partner levels?

Yes, for Silver, Gold and Platinum partner levels holding a certain number of certifications is mandatory. Please see the partner program documentation for details.

If you want to show off your knowledge in an official capacity as Standard or Bronze partner, you are of course encouraged to take the tests. Please see here for more information on certification.

How can I register a deal?

We will provide a deal registration form within the partner portal on our website. Partners must register opportunities themselves and a deal reg is linked to one specific project at one customer / company email address only. As soon as your BDM or Channel Manager confirms the deal reg, a formal quote including the relevant deal reg discount will be created in the Paessler online shop. For partners who order directly via our online shop, this is a unique order link and is not transferrable.

What are the criteria for deal reg acceptance?

As soon as you have an opportunity you would like to make us aware of, please provide us with comprehensive details of the prospect.

We reserve the right to retain a 24h "quarantine" delay before approval of deal registrations, so as to avoid multiple and/or last minute quote requests. We will not accept lists or databases of customer details, deal registrations are awarded on a case by case, per-project basis only. Successful registration of one project neither guarantees nor precludes approval of another separate or unrelated project within the same customer.
The account manager(s) in the respective region will decide on the deal registration approval. As soon as the deal registration of one partner (no matter which level) is confirmed by Paessler, no other partner of the same or other level will be able to register that deal.
Please make regular use of your unique download tracking URL as this provides a very good indication of the source of an opportunity. More details on this from your account manager.

How long does a deal reg stay valid?

90 days maximum. Formal quotes, however, are valid for 30 days only and would need to be updated in order to reactivate the unique order link. In exceptional or extenuating circumstances, such as official tender processes, we can extend the deal registration however please remain in contact with your account manager throughout the process and inform them well in advance of the 90 day expiry if you think this may occur.

Do upgrades count as new business and can therefore be registered?

Yes, upgrades and new licenses can be registered. Maintenance renewals cannot be registered.

If I have to wait 24 hours until my deal reg request is approved, how can I provide a quote to my customer quickly?

If you are hoping for a deal reg to be approved immediately so you can provide a quote, you are not using our deal registration system in the ethos or manner in which it is offered. We want to provide additional discount to reward those partners who are actively selling and creating demand for our product. We therefore request you make us aware of your work as early in the sales process as possible so we can assist you in other ways as well. Requesting a deal reg at the last minute will often mean you have not been involved in that project from its inception and are simply being asked to validate another partner's pricing. In this situation, your standard 10% partner discount will apply. Having said that, if you feel there is a strong reason why a deal reg should be approved immediately, please contact your account manager directly.

What happens if I register a deal for a PRTG 5000 license, but the customer eventually decides to buy PRTG 2500. Is the deal reg still valid?

Yes, deal reg will still be valid, even if your customer decides to buy a different license from the one you originally forecasted, assuming all the other requirements for deal reg are still met. You may have to request a new unique quote however.

What happens if Paessler is already handling the deal directly?

There will always be the risk that the customer purchases directly. Paessler will be as transparent as possible and will always flag any potential conflicts of interest with the partner involved, however the purchasing process is the customer's decision, as always. We believe the extra discount available via deal reg will only bolster the reasons to buy through the partner channel yet further.

Will partners be able to deal reg leads received from Paessler?

This depends on the situation and BDMs/Channel Managers will make final decisions. If the partner can provide evidence of genuinely adding value, it is likely they will be awarded the extra discount. In the event of an order simply requiring processing, it is unlikely to be granted. Your BDM/Channel Manager will advise you immediately if the latter situation is the case.

What about marketing?

We at Paessler are happy to support you in realizing your marketing plans with funding, resources, templates and other measures. Marketing points still apply. Please contact your account manager to further discuss.

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