Why Partner with Paessler?

Add PRTG Network Monitor to Your Portfolio Today and Boost Your Sales.

I would like to invite you to have a look at our unique network monitoring product PRTG. Our product is easier to install, easier to support and easier to sell than all the other products you might have sold or used in the past.  

  • Add PRTG to all networking quotes
  • Monitor everything from Cisco to MS
  • MSP ready – Allows you to either resell the product or offer as a service
  • Create easy upsell and on-going revenue
  • Fast sales cycle – average is 45 days
  • Benefit from a defined partner program and local support
  • We support your marketing activities and you get the leads

If you like what you see and would like to register to become a PRTG reseller right away, please contact me to sign up and you will be ready to go within hours. I am happy to discuss our partner program in more detail with you, book a live demo, or any question that you have. I am looking forward to speaking with you!
Best regards,

Joerg Hollerith

Jörg Hollerith
Business Development Manager NL - Nordics

Get a quick overview on how PRTG <br>looks and works

Get a quick overview on how PRTG
looks and works

PRTG Network Monitor...

  • is easy, failsafe, and offers complete control over your network (proven in more than 300,000 installations worldwide).
  • is a single software solution to monitor an entire network, including devices, applications, traffic, and availability.
  • is scalable, highly available and easy-to-use with a clear and fair licensing that fits your budget.
  • enables you to monitor different sites from one central installation.

PRTG monitors your network 24/7 to timely alert you to issues before they become emergencies.

Find a full overview of all of PRTG's powerful features here.


Download the PRTG flyer

Why You Should Enter the Monitoring Market with PRTG Network Monitor

1. Create New Opportunities

Network monitoring is a young and growing market with a lack of qualified experts. Most projects are complex and require expertise in networks and monitoring. Customers look for a competent and trustworthy partner who will guide them in their decision and help them to set up a reliable monitoring solution.

PRTG Network Monitor is the perfect solution for a quick but long-term entry to the monitoring market. It is an easy to use monitoring solution and caters to all markets and companies of all sizes that rely on an IT infrastructure.

2. Create Customer Loyalty

Monitoring projects create enduring business relationships: Once you've installed a monitoring system, you will be the expert who knows your customers' networks best – the base for a long-lasting relationship!

PRTG Network Monitor helps you with long term reports, in-depth views and all information you need, making you the perfect strategic partner for your customer.

3. Create Up and Cross Selling Opportunities

Once they get started, customers will discover more and more areas to monitor such as multiple sites, websites, email, VoIP, virtualised environments, etc. – upgrades and follow up projects for you! This can also help to identify weak hardware, security issues or failures in their network, another problem you can help solve.
Be prepared for the next job!


Three Out of a Whole Bunch of Benefits Exclusively for Our Partners

1. Discounts and Rebate

All our partners start with a standard reseller discount. We do not require a minimum turnover or technical certification to start with. Those who are proactively reselling and promoting PRTG can increase that discount by collecting sales and marketing "points" throughout the year. Starting with the "Silver Partner" Level you will receive a percentage of your total sales revenue as a rebate.

2. Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Support

You will have access to your personal online Partner Account. Here, you can not only process orders directly but also find sales and marketing material that will make selling our products to your customers quite easy.

And, you will receive our Partner Newsletter on a monthly basis updating you about all the latest news of PRTG or special promotions.

3. Partner Certifications

Prove your technical competence and licensing knowledge regarding PRTG by joining our Paessler Certified Professional Program.

Starting at the "Silver Partner" level we will list you as an authorized partner on our website. In addition to that, we will pass on approved customer inquiries and leads regarding regional reseller support to you.

Convince yourself and test PRTG Network Monitor now!
And, be prepared to sell it to your customers. You will see: They will love it!

If you need more reasons why you should offer PRTG to your customers or more information about your opportunities please feel free to contact me on +49 (0)911 93775 539 or [email protected].



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