NGINX Web Server
Monitoring with PRTG

  • PRTG monitors the availability and speed of your websites
  • PRTG comes with a PowerShell script which makes it easy to integrate your NGINX servers
  • PRTG enables both NGINX monitoring as well as IIS and Apache monitoring


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100 sensors, perfect for smaller networks

NGINX Monitoring with PRTG

PRTG Network Monitor provides out-of-the-box monitoring for IIS (Internet Information Services) and Apache web servers.

Monitoring a NGINX web server is done with one simple maneuver: using our PowerShell script, which you can embed into PRTG as an EXE/Script Advanced sensor. You will find exact instructions on the script’s download page:

However, a website’s success cannot be ensured by the monitoring of an NGINX web server alone. Many other factors affect the experience a user has when visiting a website.

It is therefore important to take several of these elements into account when choosing a NGINX monitoring solution:

  • First of all, software must include all of the functions necessary for the direct monitoring of the website or web server (in particular, the "big three," or Microsoft Internet Information Services, Apache, and NGINX).
  • Additionally, the software must be able to monitor the entire infrastructure involved in the publication process.
  • General functions such as those for flexibility and usability are also crucial and provide a significant basis for the successful use of the software.
  • Last but not least, prices and licensing of course play a major role in the decision-making process.

PRTG’s full range of features and functions work together as one. Get started with PRTG NGINX monitoring today.

PRTG website monitoring: Functions


  • Website monitoring with Ping 
  • Load time monitoring for the entire site 
  • Transaction monitoring 
  • Web server monitoring (MS IIS, Apache, NGINX) 
  • Website monitoring from locations all over the world


i Ping is a command-line utility, available on virtually any operating system with network connectivity, that acts as a test to see if a networked device is reachable. The ping command sends a request over the network to a specific device. A successful ping results in a response from the computer that was pinged back to the originating computer. Read more ...

NGINX Monitoring
with PRTG

Features for efficient monitoring of your network


4 good reasons
for PRTG as
NGINX Monitor

PRTG offers a lot more than just out-of-the-box NGINX monitoring.


Documented APIs and templates for the quick and easy creation of individual queries, in some cases even for the web application itself



Comprehensive notification and alarm features




A straightforward, extensive publication process for monitoring data



The storing of monitoring data in set intervals for precise long-term evaluations

Your NGINX web server at a glance – even on the go

PRTG can be started within minutes and it's compatible with most mobile devices.


„The greatest advantage of PRTG? You get to rest easy.“

Steffen Ille, Bauhaus-University Weimar.

PRTG simplifies your day

Our monitoring software works for you and promptly notifies you of potential issues.
It frees you to concentrate on your day-to-day tasks with peace of mind.


PRTG saves time

With PRTG, you get one central monitoring tool for your servers and entire network. Enjoy a quick overview of your whole infrastructure via our dashboard and app.

PRTG saves worry

Customizing PRTG is a breeze. Getting started or switching from another network monitoring tool is easy thanks to PRTG’s auto-discovery and pre-configured device templates.

PRTG saves money

80% of our customers report substantial or even exceptional cost savings in the area of network monitoring. The experience shows that the costs for licenses have paid for themselves within a matter of weeks.

Award winning solution

We work hard on making our software as powerful and easy-to-use
as possible for our customers each and every day.
Of course it makes us proud when we get awards for that.



PRTG: The swiss army knife for sys admins

Adapt PRTG individually and dynamically to your needs relying on a strong API:

  • HTTP API: Access monitoring data and manipulate monitoring objects using HTTP requests
  • Custom Sensors: Create your own sensors for customized monitoring
  • Custom Notifications: Create your own notifications to send alarms to external systems
  • New REST API Sensor: Monitor almost everything that provides XML or JSON



Most administrators want to test a tool for free before deciding to make an investment.

The many advantages of PRTG:

1. Free trial version: Take the time to explore PRTG so you can determine if it satisfies your needs and meets your expectations. Once the trial is over, it’s easy to upgrade your already configured version of PRTG, which means you’re much less likely to make an incorrect purchase.

2. One tool, one overview: Administrators often use a variety of monitoring solutions for their network or for the individual components of their infrastructure. But using several different tools every time you want to create an overview costs time and energy. PRTG is an “all-in-one” solution. Our dashboard and app provide a comprehensive overview, whenever you want it.

3. Quick customer support: Got a question? Stuck on a problem and need a hand? PRTG is backed by a dedicated development and support team. We do our utmost to answer every customer inquiry within 24 hours (on business days). Browse all our support topics here.


Configure your PRTG today. The trial version is free of charge. Save time, worry, and money with our monitoring tool designed for your network and entire infrastructure.


Network Monitoring Software - Version (November 9th, 2017)


Download for Windows and cloud version (PRTG in the cloud) available


English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese


Up to 100 sensors for free (Price List)

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