As networks are getting more and more important for all kinds of businesses and organizations, network monitors are playing an increasingly important role in IT infrastructures.

Good network monitors should not only give you a comprehensive view of your network, but should also be easy to use and help you with all your network troubleshooting needs.

PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive network monitoring solution, which enables you to monitor the availability of network devices, track network traffic and conduct Ethernet performance tests. While many other vendors of network monitors charge you extra for advanced functionalities, even the most basic PRTG software packages include the capability to monitor VoIP connections, virtual servers, databases, email servers, etc.

PRTG runs on all Windows versions from XP onwards, and is therefore an indispensable tool for Windows network troubleshooting, including XP network troubleshooting.

Another requirement for network monitoring software is that it should understand as many protocols as possible in order to enable you to monitor all your network devices. PRTG supports the simple network management protocol SNMP, WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), packet sniffing, and NetFlow, thus giving you a variety of possibilities to monitor your network. PRTG comes with 50 different sensor types and gives you even greater flexibility by allowing you to create your own custom sensors.

Last but not least, modern network monitors should also support mobile network monitoring, enabling administrators to monitor their network on the go. Thanks to the iPhone app iPRTG, you can now request all the monitoring data directly from the PRTG server using your iPhone.