Network Monitoring Software Review

Comparison test of the leading network monitoring solutions

The German magazine Network Computing has published a network monitoring software review (performed by Real World Labs) of the network monitoring solutions PRTG Network Monitor 7, WhatsUp Gold 14, Orion NPM 9.5 and OpManager 8.5.

Paessler's network utility PRTG Network Monitor is the undisputed winner of the test. The test confirmed that PRTG was "the most comprehensively equipped monitoring package and also the simplest to use". The network monitoring software review stated that Paessler's network administrator software "is extremely suitable for monitoring bandwidths, the availability of devices, and the utilization of network resources." The review also stressed that "monitoring operations are not restricted to local networks or network segments, but also extend to  complete Enterprise Networks, even if they consist of spatially separate networks."

The test concluded that enterprise level network management solutions do "not have to be extremely expensive, nor very complicated. Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor 7.2 provides a complete, highly scalable and user friendly product at a price one usually associates more with entry level software. However, our test showed that the price is deceptively cheap as, of all the products tested, PRTG Network Monitor 7.2 was in fact the most comprehensively equipped monitoring package and also the simplest to use."

Click here to read the full network monitoring software review (pdf).

If you want to see for yourself that monitoring the network is easy, just download the 30-day-trial version of the PRTG networking software.

"Network monitoring  -  simple and intuitive. In the case of Paessler's PRTG-Network Monitor, this statement is no empty advertising claim. Network Computing's tests demonstrated that the product does exactly what the manufacturer promises. PRTG Network Monitor supplies live data on the current state of the network and its devices, as well as on long term network load trends."


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