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Please find the latest manual for Webserver Stress Tool here:

Manual Webserver Stress Tool (pdf)

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Using Custom URL Scripts for Advanced URL Sequences

If simple URL sequences are not flexible enough for your testing needs then you should consider using Custom URL Scripts to configure Webserver Stress Tool.

On the URLs tab choose Custom URL Script to enable this feature. A code editor comes up where you can edit your URL Script:

image18 9

A good start is to click Default Script, then Webserver Stress Tool loads the built in demo script.

The script language is very similar to VBScript and description of the syntax and a list of allowed commands can be found in the Appendix.

The script must define four main functions: OnBeforeClick, OnAfterClick, OnBeforeRequest and  OnAfterRequest.



buttonOnBeforeClick Samples


buttonOnAfterClick Samples


buttonOnBeforeRequest Samples


buttonOnAfterRequest Samples

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