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Information may be Out-of-Date

This page about deprecated software versions is shown for
reference purposes only. Information on this page is not
maintained and may no longer be valid.

Please find the latest manual for Webserver Stress Tool here:

Manual Webserver Stress Tool (pdf)

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Running Several Tests at Once

To run several tests at once you must first make sure that only one instance of webstress7.exe is running in one folder. That means that if you want to run several copies of Webserver Stress Tool at once you must make sure that each EXE runs in its own folder. Simply copy the \program files\webserver stress tool 7 folder as often as you need it.

Then create a CMD batch file like the following:

Start \folder1\webstress7.exe \folder1\1stszenario.ini

Start \folder2\webstress7.exe \folder2\2ndszenario.ini

Start \folder1\webstress7.exe \folder3\3rdszenario.ini

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