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Information may be Out-of-Date

This page about deprecated software versions is shown for
reference purposes only. Information on this page is not
maintained and may no longer be valid.

Please find the latest manual for Webserver Stress Tool here:

Manual Webserver Stress Tool (pdf)

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Playing With Numbers

At the end you should have a list of URLs and their frequency of use.

Try to answer the following question for each test scenario:

·      How many users constitute a normal load? How many users constitute a peak load? How many, in each load, were simultaneous?

·      How much time elapses between each user click?

·      What URLs are visited the most?

·      Are there any “paths” through the site? A path is defined as a per-defined or intuitive manner (through a specific sequence of URLs) to access resources on your site.

Remember to factor into your analysis that there could be spikes in your traffic (i.e., a holiday promotion or new advertising campaign).

Now feed this data into Webserver Stress Tool,  hit “Start Test” and keep your fingers crossed!

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