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Information may be Out-of-Date

This page about deprecated software versions is shown for
reference purposes only. Information on this page is not
maintained and may no longer be valid.

Please find the latest manual for Webserver Stress Tool here:

Manual Webserver Stress Tool (pdf)

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Graph Click Times, Hits/s and Clicks/s

This graph shows the average time a user waited for his request to be processed (including redirects, images, frames etc., if enabled), the hits per second and the users per clicks. The difference to the graph above is that this time the values are calculated for all URLs together.

The following graph shows the results of the same test as in the previous section:

image18 23

We can see that with more than 500 users the two lines for “clicks per second” (blue) and “hits per second” (green) differ more and more. The reason is that hits includes requests that produce errors, but clicks are only calculated from the requests that were successful.

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