Making the lives of sysadmins easier

Transcript - Making the lives of sysadmins easier

PRTG Network Monitor gives you more power over your IT through better visibility
As a Sysadmin you have a lot of devices, applications, and tools, which means more things
that you have to keep an eye on, to make sure everything works
To prevent downtime,
nervous users
an angry boss
or even money loss for your company,
what if there was a powerful and secure monitoring solution that let you focus on what really matters?
PRTG gives you an overview over your network, your system and applications
It sends you notifications directly to your phone and has a native Android and iOS App
You can not only check your IT but also all your IIoT devices
Many other sysadmins are already happy with this intuitive monitoring tool which is really easy to use and doesn't require deep scripting knowledge...
The auto discovery helps you to get started really quickly
You can create your own dashboards or use one of the predefined maps and share them with your users or your boss.
PRTG is agentless, so you just install one probe on a server and that’s it
The pricing is fair and simple so you only pay for what you need.
If you have trouble, the support in your time zone will help you
So why don’t give it a try and download the 30 day trial

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