PRTG Network Monitor in 90 seconds


Transcript - Learn more about PRTG in 90 seconds

PRTG Network Monitoring is an agentless software solution to monitor your entire IT infrastructure. The included remote probe feature, allows distributed monitoring behind firewalls and on remote locations. All traffic between the PRTG components are SSL secured.

PRTG comes with customizable Dashboards for different requirements. You can have a high level overview of your complete network, including processes, but also detailed device or service based information boards.

The intelligent architecture of PRTG allows you a fast and easy configuration of your monitoring solution in order to concentrate on your real problems inside your network and not on your monitoring tool!

Using the Sensor model allows you an individual design of your monitoring. There are more than 200 pre-defined Sensor types available and each of them provides you different information about your network. This can be the availability of your devices with a simple ping sensor, but also the complete network traffic analysis on one location with a netflow sensor.

Based on status or individual thresholds on each of these performance indicators, you get visual or audible alarms. For fast reaction PRTG can send out notification on various ways, like Email, SMS, Push Notification and many others including escalation steps.

For long term analysis of your network performance, you can use the comprehensive reporting environment in PRTG. It allows you an automatic scheduling and sending of SLA or development reports with time saving report templates.

Look and feel, features and functionality of PRTG are designed to be easy to use but still very flexible to meet individual requirements.