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Join our Paessler Team!

Have you always wanted to work at a company with a great atmosphere, knowledge sharing, out-of-the-box thinking and a geeky but welcoming team? Paessler is waiting for you. Watch the video and experience our Paessler world. If you like what you see, place your application today!

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Developer? Join Our Team!

This time it's developers in front of the camera. We've interviewed them to learn more about developing processes and team-building measures. We do not know to what extent we succeeded but the attempt was worth making. Sounds good to you? Then send in your application!

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PRTG – This is how we do it

Paessler's CEO Dirk Paessler wants to share his excitement for PRTG with its users. Watch the following video to find out how the developers behind PRTG work to get across their passion, and what they do with user feedback!

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Movin' On

We’ve moved to new headquarters! PRTG is now developed in the north east of Nuremberg, in a large purpose-built location. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy but we are very excited about our new offices! Take a look!

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Cookies for Admins

Only saying thanks to your Admins once a year just doesn’t feel right. Come on – every day should be Sysadmin Day, right?! So, how about baking them some cookies for keeping that downtime down? Watch our video to see how it’s done!

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Nuremberg Web Week

To develop a powerful solution like PRTG, you need an agile company, great staff and a regular supply of donuts. In April, we opened our doors to visitors from Nuremberg’s networking event NUEWW. Sadly we can’t offer you any pizza but you can at least take some part in the evening via this video!

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PRTG – Your Personal IT Watchdog!

Are you wondering, what a good watchdog can do for your IT infrastructure? Our video will tell you.

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