Oneberry services over several hundred customers with a range of security systems – from mobile surveillance to virtual guards. As part of its offering, Oneberry provides monitoring as a value-added service for all its major clients to improve the overall quality of its solutions. As such, Oneberry is currently monitoring over 10,000 sensors, and needs a robust technology infrastructure in place that will support the business and won’t let the team down.

The challenge

After previously working with network monitoring software such as Cacti and Nagios, Oneberry wanted to increase stability, reliability and scalability. The team also needed higher functionality – to visualise both live and historical network data – to help meet existing SLAs and drive a more efficient and proactive approach to maintenance.


The solution

After doing his own research and speaking with industry peers, Julien Lenser-Hobbs, a senior technology consultant at Oneberry chose Paessler PRTG as the platform to meet the growing demands of the business.

PRTG can enable users across an organisation. “With PRTG we’re able to grant people different levels of access and let them use different interfaces based on their role. For example, IT admins use the web interface and enterprise console, while the on-ground technicians use the IOS/Android apps, and clients use the web interface,” said Lenser-Hobbs. “In addition, the support we receive from Paessler as an IT team, we simply cannot get from using opensource software.”

The benefits

PRTG has quickly become integral to Oneberry’s day-to-day operations and is used for SLA reporting, maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. PRTG has also been used to monitor bandwidth utilisation and has allowed the team to investigate high bandwidth usages, identifying issues to be addressed.


All the data in one place

As part of its core functionality, PRTG pools status data on Oneberry’s equipment, making it easy for staff to find what they’re looking for. This helps with managing maintenance and operation expenses across the business. Lenser-Hobbs said “With PRTG, we find using dashboard maps, which have been great for identifying and prioritising the regions that require maintenance.”


“Paessler PRTG provides the flexibility and scalability that we need as a business. PRTG is also a proven technology – with a reputation for reliability, which is what we needed. Not to mention, it offers a wide range of sensors and integrations, and a huge number of functions that deliver business value.”

Lenser-Hobbs, Senior Technology Consultant at Oneberry

Securing time savings

Thanks to PRTG, technicians are now spending 30% less time on troubleshooting procedures and generating reports, giving them more time to spend on other tasks. It has proved to be a valuable asset to Oneberry and its end-to-end monitoring service.

About Oneberry Technologies

Oneberry Technologies (Oneberry) was established in 2003 as a specialist technology and service provider of security and surveillance solutions. The company aims to
automate physical security and has developed and implemented hundreds of innovative, manpower saving solutions with partners and clients. Today Oneberry is a leader in remote surveillance solutions in Singapore, having deployed over 1,500 virtual guards across the city.