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IT Infrastructure


Don't get stressed out by the growing complexity of your IT infrastructure! PRTG Network Monitor will allow you to keep an eye on all of the devices in your network, including smart boards and student tablets. Start your free 30 day trial today, with full functionality and no obligations.


When you decide to buy we offer a 15% discount to educational institutions!

Stay on Top of Your Complex Network


  • Increase productivity: PRTG is so easy-to-use that it saves our users 2-5 hours per week which they can devote to other tasks.
  • Improve visibility: See your entire network at a glance. Our customized maps and dashboards enable you to proactively optimize your IT environment.  
  • Maximize flexibility: Monitor your network on the go and get notified through our mobile apps (sms, push notifications).
  • Save money: PRTG is all in with no additional costs or hidden add-ons. Each license includes full functionality and is easy to scale. PRTG is affordable, too; without compromising on performance. As an additional benefit we offer a 15% discount for educational institutions.  

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More than 200,000 system administrators rely on PRTG Network Monitor every day to monitor their LANs, WANs, servers, websites, devices, URLs, and many more.

Deeper Insight: Monitoring IT in Education


Our industry paper "Ensuring Education With Network Monitoring" will provide you with a deeper insight into monitoring educational IT environments. It also gives many examples of schools and universities which already use PRTG.

Case studies

With all the changes in IT demand over the last year, Travis Foschini, manager of information technology at Columbia Southern University, says Paessler AG's PRTG Network Monitor has become a key component in his team's efforts to keep track of network activity and resources to ensure reliable access and delivery of the university's curriculum. Read the full case study.

"Before PRTG, we tried some open source solutions, but they just weren't as compatible with all of our systems, nor did they provide the level of support we needed," said Matt Edwards, IT operations manager at Tri-Country Technical College. Read the full case study.