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With a name like ZEROFAIL, there is little room for error. As one of the most trusted providers of high-reliability, high-volume 10Mbps+ fiber connectivity, hosted desktop solutions and datacenter hosting services, ZEROFAIL has built a global reputation on its ability to deliver maximum uptime at a reasonable price to thousands of companies simultaneously around the world. Since 2000, companies around the globe have depended on ZEROFAIL to provide failsafe transmission and availability of critical business data stores and to help streamline IT operations.



Connectivity guaranteed

Customers of ZEROFAIL’s Fibroptix high-volume fiber optic Internet connectivity in the New York, Montreal and Toronto areas enjoy a 100% uptime guarantee, thanks in large part to PRTG’s watchful eye. Affordable and scalable to meet the needs of Fibroptix’s growing business, PRTG connects to each client’s router to allow the Fibroptix team to monitor data transmission speed, uptime and latency, based on pre-defined thresholds. When a slowdown occurs, PRTG alerts Fibroptix staff via pager, cell phone or email, enabling them to respond to a connectivity issue before it escalates into a full-blown problem.

To maintain its fail-proof reputation and ensure that its data network performs to these exacting demands, ZEROFAIL relies on the industry-leading versatility and reliability of Paessler AG’s PRTG Network Monitor to keep tabs on every aspect of its massive IT infrastructure.

"PRTG Network Monitor is an integral part of our infrastructure, and it is woven throughout nearly every solution we provide to our customers," said Stephane Auger, director of technical operations at ZEROFAIL. "It allows us to be vigilant and proactive in providing the most outstanding and reliable service to our customers."

"By monitoring their usage and providing these reports to the client in an easy-to-understand format, we can help them avoid costly overages, and also leverage that information as an opportunity to suggest service upgrades if their volume usage warrants it," Auger said.

Stephane Auger, director of technical operations at ZEROFAIL

Stephane Auger, director of technical operations at ZEROFAIL

Dependability and security in the cloud

For customers who depend on ZEROFAIL’s LiveDesktop as a complete turnkey hosted desktop solution or its dedicated server, shared webhosting or co-located datacenter services, downtime can be disastrous. PRTG probes monitor every aspect of the LiveDesktop environment, including constant monitoring of ping, port and processor speed on each server to alert ZEROFAIL of potential trouble spots. Website response time, email data transmission and virtual server hosting are all monitored, down to the remaining available disk space and response time of the services in real-time.

In addition to data transmission, ZEROFAIL can also configure PRTG to monitor data content for clients who request it as vigilance against hacks and other malicious data communications. ZEROFAIL even monitors its self-managed dedicated servers as a value-added service for its clients.

"We have some clients for whom we provided dedicated servers, but we don’t manage them – they do. However, we actively monitor their events log with PRTG so that we can alert them when something goes wrong," Auger said. "They’re pretty impressed when we tell them that there had been a problem, but we’ve repaired it already, and they didn’t even realize there had been an issue."

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of PRTG network monitor in the ZEROFAIL environment is the improvement in efficiency of its own IT operations. PRTG’s simple and intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy to configure new clients, shared user accounts, create useful usage reports and expand the system as the business grows.

"PRTG has saved me hundreds of man hours of work by allowing me to be proactive instead of reactive to most things, and I can maintain a much higher level of customer satisfaction because of the quicker response time," Auger said. "It's also helped us to grow our business by revealing opportunities for up selling our products. I’d definitely give it two thumbs up."