This script helps you to keep track of them!

Using the standard VMware sensors in PRTG, you can integrate information from your VMware setup into your overall IT-monitoring. But, PRTG has no out-of-the-box feature to count the number of active virtual machines running on your servers. So, I wrote a script that works as an EXE/Script sensor in PRTG and that counts your active VMs.

As PRTG automatically stores all data in the original scanning interval, this sensor will also give you a nice overview about long time trends in your VMware environment. You can find the script and a step-by-step guide for the setup at our Knowledge Base:

Having set up the sensor as described, you will find additional information in the sensor settings where you must also enter your credentials: 

Additional information and a place to enter your credentials: the sensor settings Additional information and a place to enter your credentials: the sensor settings

If you have any question, feel free to contact our support team:

If you haven't yet installed PRTG but would like to know more about your IT in general, and especially about your active VMs, I recommend taking a look at our trial. You can download it here, and even after the 30 days trial period expires, you can continue using it with the full feature set and up to 100 sensors.


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