2017-May-31 in IT Insights

5 Floors, 75,000 sq ft, 1 Biergarten, 100% WI-FI

By 2015, the former Paessler AG HQ had become too small to contain its successful and rapid expansion. Paessler needed a new building within which it could reorganize, recruit new members, and plan ahead for the maintenance of innovation and quality customer service. After a lengthy search, a four-floor (+ basement), 7,000 sqm office was identified as a candidate for the new HQ. This new HQ, located in the north-east of Nuremberg, would soon become the beating heart of the Paessler family.

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2017-May-26 in IT Insights

14.67 Trillion Centuries to Hack Our Passwords: The Surprisingly Simple and Secure Paessler Password Policy

I had been working at Paessler for about a year as a systems administrator when we decided to do a security audit. This consisted of many interviews with us systems administrators, and right at the beginning one of the first questions the auditor asked was, "So what is your password policy?"  All three of us chuckled a bit and said flatly, "We don't have one."  There were only around 60 employees at that point, so we had thought we could simply trust everyone to change their passwords every now and again.  Once we reviewed the age of our users' passwords, we found out that many of our employees hadn't changed their password since the company was founded!

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2017-May-23 in IT Insights

PRTG Podcast: How to Clean Up after WannaCry


As a follow up to the first ever, recently released PRTG podcast (which, if you haven't listened to already, you may need to re-assess your life choices - click here immediately!), Rupert Collier, our resident UK sales manager and aspiring microphone addict, gets to work on another new project: The PRTG Interview, otherwise known as "Paessler Rupert's Thorough Grilling"!

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2017-May-22 in IT Insights

How Automatic Inventory Can Make Your Life Easier (6 Hands-on Tips)

Companies need a complete overview of their own IT infrastructure. The rapid pace of change requires the inventory overview to be frequently updated. Using Excel spreadsheets to maintain the inventory overview is limiting: inflexible, error-prone, plus data is expensive to keep up-to-date. But now the solution for inventory overview management, and many other automation problems, is here.

The uniform assignment of inventory numbers, by which a device can be properly identified throughout the company, is crucial for automated processing. This includes not only the inventory label on the device itself, but also access to it via the network, the service desk ticket, the asset management data records, and the accounting software.

How does automatic inventory work?

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Why You Should Enable HTTPS on Your Website (Yes, Really. Keep Reading!)

Hacking scandals affect the lives of millions of people. Now attitudes are changing, and internet users are wiser to the potential misuse and abuse of their personal information. Now, they question the safety and security of their data.

According to a survey published in 'Die Zeit', half of the German population believes that businesses are 'not honest in the way they notify people of how their confidential data will be used'.

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2017-May-11 in IT Insights

PRTG Goes Podcast: Please Give our Pilot Episode a Very Warm Welcome


We are very happy to announce the official pilot episode of our PRTG Podcast! It's hosted by two of our very best: Rupert Collier (the eye candy), Senior Sales Manager UK and Simon Bell (the brains), Senior Presales Engineer here at Paessler. Feel free to subscribe if you fancy listening to their shenanigans on a (possibly) regular basis. Also they won't only talk about PRTG, promise! ;)

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2017-May- 9 in IT Insights

Need to Choose a CDN Provider for Your Website?  Here Are the Most Important Criteria

Nowadays, there are a lot of Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers available to choose from. When you're testing the performance of CDN Providers as part of your selection process, there are certain factors to be considered. Some of these factors might be beyond the control of both the provider and the customer:

  • Generally, the network conditions vary according to the geographical areas and are beyond direct control.

  • The conditions might vary depending on the peering relationship maturity levels operating in that geographical scope.

  • The timing and type of the test also play a prominent role. Major traffic-generating events such as significant news announcements or headline sports events tend to affect all CDNs, regardless of the PoP architecture.

However, there are some generic guidelines that can be followed. The following post aims to highlight the comprehensive framework of the CDNs, to uncover certain untold facts and also to aid you in choosing the right CDN provider for your specific situation.

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2017-May- 3 in IT Insights

Cloud Computing – Combined with BYOD – Is Changing SMB IT Forever

When you open any IT news website nowadays you can read a lot about the future of IT in the cloud. The trend to move applications and data to the cloud is not just smart marketing from the big three cloud companies (Amazon, Microsoft and Google). It has many serious advantages which are especially important for businesses: cost, agility, manageability, security. So, how far has cloud acceptance come, especially for SMBs?

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Multihoming: Things to keep in mind when a computer has more than one IP

Unlike simple work computers, server systems have at least two network cards, rather than four NICs. Likewise, many server computers have several IP addresses, which make them accessible from the network. If a computer system has multiple network addresses, this is referred to as "multihoming". Interestingly, the industry uses this conceptuality for several variations:

  • A redundant address with multiple interfaces
  • A server with multiple addresses on several interfaces
  • Multiple addresses on an interface

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2017-Apr-20 in IT Insights

How to Optimize Your Apps for a CDN and Then Monitor the Impact

The following article is the last in our 3-part series about CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Our guest author, Matt Conran from Network Insight, discusses CDN performance metrics and monitoring, what you can do to optimize your website for CDNs, and which strategy is better for CDNs: build or buy?

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